Save Money with Co-ops

Value of friendship and Co-ops

Most of us know our friends are priceless to begin with. Friends are far more valuable than money in the long run. Have you ever stopped to think, however, how much money is saved by having friends? The economy being what it is, most of us are looking to save money. Here are some ways friends can come together to help each other save time and save money. This is not about "sponging" off your friends, it is about how you can benifit each other while you continue to grow the relationship.

Car-Pool Co-ops

People have been carpooling for years. Normally, when one thinks of carpooling, it involves getting to and from work. Let's just think outside the box for a moment here. Gas is $4 a gallon now. Anything we can do to save burning fuel will save money. You go to the store, right? Well so do your friends! Planning shopping trips together can save a lot of gas, and also give you more time with your friends! Of course, this only works if you alternate drivers. The same applies for other errands you may run. Taking kids to school is another carpool idea. There are many things we do spur of the moment, and occasionally that will happen. However, with just a little planning, you could save a LOT of money. I'm in Nebraska, so we don't have "carpool lanes" on the interstate, but I'm aware some do, so carpooling is still alive and well, we can just expand on the concept.

Weekend Getaway co-ops

These are fantastic!! Same principles of co-ops apply. The thing is, everyone in the co-op gets a weekend, or weekends away. Depending on the arangements, you could take a weekend to rediscover your own Town or State. When you have your weekend, the others in the co-op take care of the cooking and cleaning for you so you can enjoy, and come back for a quick dinner, then go out exploring again. When you come home for the night, you have a nice clean house. You start out again the next day. Of course, this also means you do your part when it's time for the others in the co-op to have their weekends. These are really fun though.

NOTE: this is a given, but make sure you can trust whomever else is in your co-op. They will have access to your home and everything in it. Also, don't leave your house a mess when you leave. That is taking advantage.

Cooking Co-ops

There are several different types of co-ops in which you and

your neighbors and friends can participate to save time and

money. The added bonus is that for just a little extra work,

you get a bonus!

Babysitting co-op: Have kids? Do some of the people you

know have kids? that is all that is required for these.

You exchange babysitting nights. For example, you arrange

for your neighbor, Kathy, to take your kids this Saturday

while you and hubby go out. In exchange, You take Kathy's

kids next Friday night while she goes out. This can be really

benificial if you go out a lot AND if you can get a lot of other

people to join the co-op.

Dinner co-op: let's face it, it is a drag coming home every

night and cooking dinner, or having to pay to dine out. The

beauty of these co-ops is that you can have 1-5 nights where

you don't have to cook, and yet can eat well! Again, you

enlist your neighbors and friends to join the co-op. Assume

for right now, only you and your neighbor, Cindy are in the

co-op (fear not-it WILL catch on and others will want to get i

n on the action) The two of you decide which nights you

want dinner delivered. (Sounding good already, isn't it?)

Cindy decides she doesn't want to cook on Saturday. So,

when you are cooking Saturday, (or FOR Saturday,) you

cook enough for your family AND Cindy's family. Before, or

after dinner, you package up the dinners for Cindy and

deliver them. Now, the payoff....come Sunday (assuming

you picked that day for your delivery,) all you have to do

is wait for Cindy to deliver a home cooked meal for your

family to enjoy!

NOTE: It is best to invest in some compartmental plastic

plates to shuttle the food back and forth between the

homes, OR use paper plates; No dishes!


Saving money and having fun yet?

These are just a few of the many co-ops that I have used, and recommend. Not only will it save you money, it will lead to stronger friendships. Give them a try. I will be bringing more information on Co-ops, so stay tuned!

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Diana 8 years ago

I absolutely love my dinner coop, and am glad you have brought it out in the open. Every so often I hear of other people being interdependent instead of independent and it makes so much sense. What do I do on the 3 nights a week that someone cooks for me? Read, chat on the phone to my sis, take a yoga class, go to the park, you get the idea. I'm wondering who else is out there quietly doing their dinner coop thing. It would be nice to hear from them and how it works for them.

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