How Harry Potter Magically makes your Money Disappear

Your Money is Disappearing!

Magic is draining your nest egg!
Magic is draining your nest egg!

The Last Movie Marks the End of your Cash Disappearing

July 15th marks the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, the eighth and last movie in this successful franchise. No doubt, if you are a fan you are eagerly awaiting the conclusion to this epic saga of the boy wizard and his arch-enemy who cannot be named (Voldemort). Go and enjoy Harry’s final victory but you should also enjoy the end of his magical drain on your bank account.

If you’ve followed this boy wizard since the first movie in 2001, (Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone), you are out of pocket a staggering $431,355. How? Faster that you can say “Stupefy!” Harry has cast spell after spell, separating you from your cash.

Expelliamus and Lumos to buy books and see movies

First, he cast “Expelliamus!” a disarming spell to drop your defence against charming little orphans with special powers, buying all 7 books for a total cost of $173 (3*11 –soft cover + 4*$35 –hard cover). This doesn't include the "adult" versions of the books, which you may have also bought for yourself in addition to the versions for your kids.

Second, he cast “Lumos!” lighting up his story on the silver screen, with eight movies to watch, forcing you to spend an additional $88 (8*$11 - $352 for a family of four). This assumes the whole family watched each film at the movies, but doesn't account for birthday parties or repeat viewings.

Reducio and Immobolus to buy DVDs and Video Games

Third, he cast “Reducio!” shrinking each movie into a flat shiny disk called aDVDor a Blu-ray, to add to your library (next to the seven books you’ve already bought). Enticing you with “extras” like virtual tours of Diagon Alley and Dumbledore’s office, you’ve spent another $200 (8*$25)

Forth, he cast “Immobolus!” to freeze you in front of your computer or game platform (Xbox, PS2/3) to play the video game version of each of the books, all seven of them, (plus Lego versions). In these virtual worlds, you became the boy wizard and act out the same stories you first read in the books, then watched on the screen andDVD. With each game costing $59.99, all eight games (Lego versions optional) cost $480.

Ricktuspempra and Alohomora for toys and trips

Fifth, he cast “Ricktuspempra!” to tickle you with toys for your kids. You smiled at your child’s delight while assembling the Quiddich stadium while wearing Harry’s glasses and Invisibility cloak. Total cost conservatively estimated at $150. Who knows how much you've really spent on Halloween costumes, wands and Lego sets and pairs of those cute HP glasses.

Sixth, he cast “Alohomora!” blasting open the big doors to the airplane jetting your family to the “Harry Potter’s Britain” escorted tour, visiting the movie locations, riding the train and seeing the imaginary train platform “9 ¾”. Cost with air fare, $2-5 thousand per person. (family of four = $8,000 to $20,000). These trips are including airfare and are usually a week with hotels and bus tours.

Expecto Patrunum for Boarding School

Seven, he cast “Expecto patronum” which conjured up your innermost suppressed feelings to enrol your child into a boarding school like Hogwarts. Assuming entry at age 13 (like Harry) that’s 6 years at $35,000/year. Total: $210,000.

Protecto Pocketbookus to protect your cash

So, adding this all up for a typical family of four you get $431,355! Now, after you watch the last movie and buy the last DVD, utter the magic spell “Protecto Pocketbookus!” and the cash should stay in your pocket.

Here are all the costs magically disappearing because of Harry Potter!

(click column header to sort results)
Harry Potter Category  
Cost per Item  
Total Cost for Family of 4  
The Books
3*$ * 4@$35
The Movies
$11*8 tickets @4
The DVDs
The VIdeo Games
The Toys
The Trips
The Boarding School
All costs if you buy all the books, games, DVDs, toys, trips and send 2 kids to boarding school!

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