How I am Surviving in Today's Economy

I like the rest of you am lucky to still have a job in today's economy. I have worked for a pathology laboratory in Seattle and everyday I have patients who are calling in to make a payment by credit card. This of course really makes me feel that I am lucky I pay with cash. I always wonder how much their credit card bill is at the end of the month and do they pay the balance off or just the minimum payment due. I can only hope that they are paying the balance due, but to be honest they are probably not.

I have learned a harsh lesson at this difficult time in my life and I am still learning with all the surprises that are coming out me at a increasing rate. I had a couple of months where I never thought I would make it through. First, I had a rash on my front, back, and head. I thought I could take care of it myself by using over the counter products, but to no avail it didn't go away. After four doctor visits, and than finally being referred to a dermatologist. I was told I have a bacteria virus and I am now taking antibiotics for the next three months. I am to return after the three months to the dermatologist and to have her look me over to see how well I have healed. It was not cheap after paying up to $200.00 in co-pays and prescriptions I felt like I was going down a spiral, deeper and deeper into debt. Second, in April my upper left tooth in my mouth needed a filling and that cost ed me $100.00 co-pay. Well, folks that was not the end of that. Third, in May I had to pay $525.00 co-pay for a crown to put on a broken tooth on my lower right of my mouth. As you can see I never got caught up in my bills in April or May and now I am further behind. You don't need a credit card to go into debt, just medical and dental bills.

The next part of my agony was fixing a leaking faucet and plugged up tub, than I had to pay the full balance on my electric bill because I had my power turned off. So, as you can see I am in the same boat as everyone else. Yes, I know stop complaining at least you have a job and a home. Well, that can always change in the near future for me as well.

I am caught up in my utilities, but I am behind in my phone, cable, and Internet bill. I have back dues to pay to my condo from March to June, I have credit card debt that I have arranged a payment plan with a credit consolidating company, but I have not been paying the agreed amount and had to pay unexpected expenses these last two months. Also, I am behind one month on my mortgage and now am jumping hoops by giving them a list of my expenses as a example on why I am late, so I can have my mortgage payment modified.

So, am I a mess or what. I am slowly crawling back to get caught up in all my debt, but at times I feel like selling my condo, and using that money to pay all my debt off. Will this help? My answer to that is no, because I will loose money if I sell my condo now. I like so many refinanced twice to pay off prior debt, mostly credit card debt, and now can't use that to get me out of the predicament I am in now.

I am not giving up yet I am paying my mortgate first, insurance second, dues third, and what is left on everything else. I will not give up on myself and I am still looking for a second job to pay off my bills, and pay for school. That is if I can get a scholarship, and of course financial aide is out of the question because you practically need to be out of work to be approved for it. As you can see I am pretty much down myself, but I am improving on a daily basis. I hope things for all of you are better, and that you don't have to use the limit on credit cards to get by, or choose what bill, expense, or if you need cut back on groceries to get by on a monthly basis. I wish you all the luck and that we are all in the same boat. Let's cross our fingers that it will get better soon or in the next year.


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