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Tax Season is coming up and I am preparing for it. Please note: This money making article is not so that I can brag or show off. Many of you reading this makes way more money than I do working your 9-5 job. I am writing this article to show you exactly how hard it is to make money online. However, making money online can be done and you can see how by reading this article. This last year, I told myself that I was going to work full time from home. That was after I lost my last care-giving client from Parkinson's disease. Back in 2007, I started making websites for myself and others just for fun. Fortunately now it has turned into a full time online business that I just love. Don't get me wrong, I have taken Computer Courses and several online trainings to get where I am now. I also do other freelance jobs on the Internet such as blogging and publishing helpful articles. I will go into detail on how I make money below.

2012 Update on Making money online

This is an update as of 3-31-2012. My earnings and website business is doing great. My earnings and clients are increasing. I will try to keep you guys posted about earnings updates.

2011 Self Employment Earnings

Below is a detailed list of money I have made working online. I am only listing the money received and this doesn't count commissions I have earned but haven't got paid yet due to required Payment Thresholds. Most of this year I worked part-time on the Internet and results may vary depending on many factors.

Total Earnings for 2011: $5,313.62

  • Website Advertising: Money earned for letting others advertise on my Help Website: This will become residual income because it is paid yearly without me doing anything further than what I have. Total: $125.00 usd.
  • Writing & Publishing articles: I write many helpful articles online and earn from them. I have been inspired by this method of making money online.Total money earned in 2011 for publishing articles is: $663.51 usd.
  • Selling my published articles: Although I made money with this method, it was the wrong move that I made when I sold my articles for a flat fee. Instead I could of just let them earn every month like they were. When learning to make money online, I have had some good and bad outcomes. Trial and Error has helped me learn a lot about working online and earning. Total # of articles sold: 139. Total money earned for 2011: $690.00.
  • Making money Blogging: I allow others to advertise on my blogs. I get paid for writing blog posts for them and I advertise their business websites on my blogs. This is usually communicated and processed through Blogsvertise. Total: $204.25. I also earn money on my blogs by Google Adsense earnings which I will write details below. These earning figures are just for writing blog posts.
  • Google Adsense Earnings- As a Google Adsense publisher, I get to create Advertisements and place the coding in my websites and blogs. I then get paid from Google a revenue share per click. Many of you may already know about Google Ads. For those who don't know, Google Adsense is the best way to make money from your Websites and Blogs. Total money earned from Adsense: $652.84
  • Good Old Infolinks- This method of making money online has been challenging for me but it is basically adding coding to your websites and blogs. The coding then produces highlighted text links to appear in your web pages. I get paid per click from Infolinks. The required payment threshold is $50 paid via paypal. I have only been paid twice so far from them. Total: $102.95
  • Sharing Photos, Links, and documents- I make money at Redgage where I share photos and links that I like or develop. Many of you may have seen some of my photos that I like to upload at Redgage. Although I don't earn very much here, it is fun for me and it is a great way for me to share my articles and websites. I have received two $25.00 visa cards (should be 3 but I am sick of contacting them about it.)- Total money: $50.00
  • Viewing Advertisements and Websites- I don't make very much at Youdata because I am too busy building websites instead of viewing advertisements. I may do more of this money making method in the future. Total: $1.49
  • Website Development, Web Design and Freelance Work: The rest of my earnings come from developing websites and designing them. Lately I have been doing a lot of Website Maintenance and Repairs for Website owners. Feel Free to contact me if you need a website made, designed or worked on. Total: Whatever is left from the above.

Making Money on the Internet is possible!

That concludes my total self employment earnings as a Website Developer, Designer and Freelance Worker for 2011. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me any time and or leave your comment below. Thank-you for taking time to read my Money Making Article here at Hubpages.

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tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 2 years ago from Oregon Author

@Brett.Tesol I will update this hub to show 2014 earnings asap. Thanks for reading.

NateB11 profile image

NateB11 3 years ago from California, United States of America

Thank you for this very detailed report on how you make money online. It's very encouraging and also straight-forward, which I appreciate.

Brett.Tesol profile image

Brett.Tesol 3 years ago from Thailand

Very interesting ... do we get a 2014 update? It was good to see the methods that you are using. They are a lot of the main approaches, but good reliable ones.

Shared, tweeted and voted across.

petertebin profile image

petertebin 4 years ago from Maryland

Congrats and keep up the good work! Voted Up!

Redberry Sky profile image

Redberry Sky 4 years ago

Like others have said - useful info. It's nice to see the variation in earnings between different ways of making money online, and I'll be looking into all the different ones you mention.

NetBlots profile image

NetBlots 4 years ago from Melbourne

Congrats mate, brag and show off, you earnt it!

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 4 years ago from Oregon Author

Congratulations Susie, that is some impressive earnings a month. I have been so busy helping others with their websites that I haven't had time to update and add new pages to my own site lol. I just used the hubpages module setup when creating this layout. Sometimes hubpages also changes the appearances of hubs. Thanks for viewing my articles and I am your new fan.

SusieQ42 4 years ago

Hi Tammy. How did you change the layout of this hub? Nice to know how to build a website! I also write many articles on how to earn an income online. I work for HP, Textbroker and have 3 blogs. This month, counting my HP payout, Google AdSense payout and Textbroker articles, I will make a little over $500.00. This is up from my usual $400.00 a month.

alocsin profile image

alocsin 4 years ago from Orange County, CA

Thanks for this honest appraisal of your earnings. Gives those of us hope who want to make a living online. What happened to the voting buttons? I'd vote this Up and Useful if they existed.

STATHISTATHI 4 years ago

Excellent work...My question exactly..Can online ?ay my bills.Best regards..

m0rd0r profile image

m0rd0r 4 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

Very inspirational Hub Tammy. Voted up.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 4 years ago from Oregon Author

You are welcome. I am glad u like it.

leann2800 4 years ago

This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 4 years ago from Oregon Author

Thank-you very much for reading and commenting. That would be nice.

Keng Wongwittawat profile image

Keng Wongwittawat 4 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

Great article. With your writing skill, you may consider copy writing. You can make at least $50,000 per year. Keep up!

Tahir Mehmood 4 years ago

i am very poor. Anyone who help me (

taxcalculators 4 years ago from California

Great Article. Good luck with your Tax Return :)

royalwhiskers 4 years ago

I cannot believe it :P

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 4 years ago from Oregon Author

Yes it takes lots of time and effort to earn money online but it is worth it to me. Freedom is wonderful.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 4 years ago from Oregon Author

Good Luck to can be done. Thanks for commenting.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 4 years ago from Oregon Author

I am so glad you and many others liked this hub. Took me awhile to publish but finally did it. Hopefully I can increase my earnings this year. Thanks for reading.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 4 years ago from Oregon Author

Thanks and yes it does take some hard work to earn money online.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 4 years ago from Oregon Author

Hope it helps, you are welcome.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 4 years ago from Oregon Author

You are welcome James. Thanks for reading my hub.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 4 years ago from Oregon Author

Thank-you very much for reading.

qamarjaved profile image

qamarjaved 4 years ago from usa

Very nice amazing tammy

JamesPoppell profile image

JamesPoppell 5 years ago

Very interesting and useful. Thanks for sharing the income numbers with us. This helps new people like myself. Vote up.

Titusbodo profile image

Titusbodo 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

Thanks for sharing!

thearbiter0808 profile image

thearbiter0808 5 years ago

Thanks to this hub. I know you can earn online, that is with hard work. This is inspiring. Voted up!

thearbiter0808 profile image

thearbiter0808 5 years ago

You already made your millions, I salute you. Thank you for sharing this. Fellows like you inspire me to do well with making money online. Voted up!

rajan jolly profile image

rajan jolly 5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

Very useful information. proves that money can be made online. Thanks for sharing. voted up & useful.


viking305 profile image

viking305 5 years ago from Ireland

Great information here and very encouraging to new hubbers.

I have started to develop my own blogs recently too to get more income from writing online,

viquar profile image

viquar 5 years ago from Hyderabad, India

Somehow, my last year's online earning was $4.5. Maybe I need to spend more time.

alocsin profile image

alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

This is a wonderfully hopeful hub for all those trying to make it on the Internet. Thanks especially for sharing the resources. Voting this Up and Useful.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 5 years ago from Oregon Author

You are very welcome and Thanks for viewing and commenting. It means a lot to me that my hub friends support me.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 5 years ago from Oregon Author

Thanks I hope so too. I also congratulate you on your online earnings. I spent some time at one of your blogs today. Useful Content.

nifwlseirff profile image

nifwlseirff 5 years ago from Villingen Schwenningen, Germany

A useful analysis, thank you!

Kidgas profile image

Kidgas 5 years ago from Indianapolis

Congratulations on your earnings for 2011. I wish you the best in 2012 and hope you multiply them many times over.

EclecticFusion profile image

EclecticFusion 5 years ago from Tennessee

Great information! I'm just getting started so seems like I could learn a thing or two from you!

Kris Heeter profile image

Kris Heeter 5 years ago from Indiana

Very useful article and demonstrate the need for multiple streams of income for writers!

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 5 years ago from Oregon Author

Your took me awhile to publish. I hate math LOL. Thanks for viewing and commenting.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 5 years ago from Oregon Author

Thank-you, I knew many Hub Members would like this because I know I like seeing earnings from like minded people. Working online is hard work but the freedom is wonderful.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 5 years ago from Oregon Author

Thank-you Very much for viewing and following.

smiileyfacexo profile image

smiileyfacexo 5 years ago from New Zealand

Wow I can't believe it. Your article is awesome. I just followed you =)

Brett.Tesol profile image

Brett.Tesol 5 years ago from Thailand

Voted up and useful, a very detailed rundown of ways to make money online. I also do many of the things that you mention and agree, it is possible to make fairly decent money online, but you have to put in a lot of hard work at the start.

Sharing this with my followers, as maybe some of them will find a new way to make some cash.

ajayshah2005 profile image

ajayshah2005 5 years ago from Mid Asia

Good informative Hub.Thanks for sharing.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 5 years ago from Oregon Author

@harshad2011 Thanks for reading and commenting. I am glad you liked it. Good Luck to you.

harshad2011 profile image

harshad2011 5 years ago from India

Simply amazing. Keep it up

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