How Many Cents in a Dollar?

There are one hundred cents in one US dollar.

In fact, it is hard to think if there are any dollar currencies in the world that do not contain one hundred cents.

It is a standard easy measure to use in everyday currency calculations. When purchasing goods at a store it is simple and quick to conduct transactions and check your change.

To convert dollars to cents multiple the first number by one hundred.

For example - five dollars converts into five hundred cents like this...

5 x 100 = 500

It is straightforward.

To work out how many dollars can be made up of cents - divide by one hundred. If you have 325 cents - that equals 325 / 100 - equals 3.25 or three dollars and twenty-five cents.

Handy Dollar Reference Table

1 - one
100 - one hundred
2 - two
200 - two hundred
3 - three
300 - three hundred
5 - five
500 - five hundred
10 - ten
1,000 - one thousand
50 - fifty
5,000 - five thousand
100 - one hundred
10,000 - ten thousand

Practice With Your Holiday Money

I guess you asked the question about dollars because you are going to a foreign country.

It is a good idea to practice with holiday money BEFORE you arrive at your destination and have no idea how to use it.

Get to know what the coins looks like and how to do simple sums with them. Then you know how to make payments and check your change.

You and your family can play games with the money. Do some simple sums with it.

If you can get the actual coins the country uses you will know what they look like and what they are worth. You will not have to read the actual coin and look more like a tourist than you really are.

Here is a typical practice question.

"If I buy one of these for 87 cents and give the store-keeper one dollar - how much change will I have?"

That sort of thing. The answer is 13 cents (thirteen) by the way.

Think up some more challenges and play practice like you should do with the language.

How to say "Hello", "Thank you" and check your change are all good things to learn and fun too when you are going abroad.

How Many Cents in a US Dollar?

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