How To Get Benefits UK

Getting Benefits In The UK

 How To Get UK Benefits

When seeing about getting benefits, it is a good idea to see what you are entitled to, whether you are out of work and need to sign onto Job seekers Allowance or you are unable to work for whatever reason or you need to claim disability benefits, government figures in the UK state that well over 1 Billion English pounds worth of benefits go unclaimed, because people either do not claim it when they are entitled or they are too proud to take the governments money, which is more than likely, the people who pay taxes anyway.

Job Seekers Allowance can be claimed through JobcentrePlus, which is the place were you look for work also and combined with this place, you can also contact HM Revenue & Customs, which used to be Work And Pensions, which deal with any Tax Credits that you may be entitled to like Working Tax Credit when you do find work and for any qualifying children Child Tax Credit and you can get this even when you are working or claiming Job Seekers Allowance.

Many immigrants that come to the UK instantly seem to know where to go to obtain the right benefits and so you should ask them, but seriously there are sites on the Internet that provide more information for getting benefits when you most need them, if you've lost your job, or have trouble getting a job, then these websites will really help you out:-

JobcentrePlus- This is the main site where you can find out everything about Job Seekers Allowance and the Tax Credits that can be used to top up your earnings or benefits while you look for work, plus you can also search through current jobs on the website and apply with the details that they provide.

HM Revenue & Customs - These are the people you deal with when you need to apply for Tax Credits and renewing your Tax Credits and any Tax issues basically, although for specialist Tax advice, there are other places available, but Revenue & Customs will direct you to the right place.

Employment And Support Allowance for Disabled people- This is the Directgov site page were you can find out about disability benefit and were they can find out what benefit they are entitled to when they are unable to work.

So when you are in a rut, there is help for those that live in the UK and benefits do help financially, until you are fit enough to work or until you have found work.


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