How To Make Easy Cutbacks and Survive on a Budget


Need to Cutback?

Do you need to cutback and live on a small budget? Don't know how you'll survive? With times not being as easy as they once were you may feel overwhelmed if you find you have to cutback on spending way more than you can think of handling. You may have to make some hard changes if times call for it but you can also make some small easy cutbacks that will keep money in your pocket a little longer.

It's the Small Things.

Whether you live on your own or with a big family, there are small things you can cutback on and easily not notice. The best advice when live on budget is to create a budget plan of what you're going to spent, how much it's going to cost you, and when you plan to spend it. Make sure you include and think of everything, from the price of your phone bill, to the price of your bank account fees.

When you look at the amount of money you spend look at the small things, you'll be surprised what it adds up to. Toilet paper, paper towels, buying coffee, and every little thing adds up to a fairly large amount of the money you spend.

What You Can Do About It.

You may think that there's nothing you can do about those costs, but even for things like toilet paper there are ways to easy cutbacks.

  • Start using less toilet paper. The average person uses 8.6 sheets a bathroom trip, 57 sheets a day (according to Charmin). Toilet paper is quite expensive nowadays at around $15 + per 24 roll pack. You'd be shocked at how much you really spend on toilet paper.
  • Same goes for towel paper. Expect with towel paper you can cut back way more by simply heading to the the dollar store and buying some small cloths to wipe your hands on instead of towel paper. Just make sure you keep the towels clean and you can save a great deal of money.
  • Do you need all those channels? If you have cable do you really need all those channels? you can easily rid your self of the channels you never watch and save. If you don't watch cable all that often why not even get rid of it? It'll save you big bucks every month.
  • Recycle. You don't even have to make a cutback to make money with recycling. If your in a financial rut every bit helps.
  • If you have a green thumb why not grow some of your own fresh fruits and vegetables? The price of groceries nowadays is on the rise , why not try a little backyard garden to help cut the costs?
  • Stop buying frivolous things. How much did that pop really cost you? Or that smoothie? How about that morning coffee? It all adds up, so try cleansing yourself from fast food for a while and go for cheap home cooking.

Good Luck!

There are so many ways to make easy cutbacks, just keep a look out for the little things!

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JEDIJESSICUH profile image

JEDIJESSICUH 5 years ago from Kansas

Where I live it's a few dollars cheaper for a twenty four pack of toilet paper, but I definitely agree that we should cut down on our usage. And not just for money, but because that's a lot of sheets to use in a day.

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