How To Make Money By Playing BlackJack

Earning Money Carefully Gambling or Gaming

Anyone can make money at Black Jack. It just takes time and patience. It may be a slow and boring process, but most people who make money at something do not care how boring it is, because they are slowly always making money.

I will explain how to make money playing Black Jack only, since I do not know how to make money at Craps or Baccarat or Slots. The first thing you have to do is relax. You then have to go to a casino where ever you live. I do not trust online gambling sites.

You do not have to be nervous to try to play my way which is a way many people play. You go to a Blackjack table. Start at whatever table you want. You might want to start at the lower limit tables. If you do start at the higher limit tables you can make more money faster, but you can also lose more faster.

You should learn all the basic rules for Blackjack. If you do not know the rules either learn them or just play consistently. For example if you always stay on 16 do not change your strategy and sometimes hit on 16. Just be consistent.

Here is how you play and win some money and then leave with some money. If you get too greedy you will lose. Let us say you start a $10 table. Do not play more until you have gained confidence at the lower limit tables. Play one hand at $10. If you win raise your bet a little bit. If you lose keep the same bet on the next hand. Just do this for a little while and see what happens.

You will slowly win some money. Also money management is important here. If you start with, for example, $200 and you win $200 you have double your money and it is time to go. You can always come back some other time, since most casinos are open 24 hours a day. Just leave and rest and do something totally different than gambling.

You will see you can win slowly. You will have a some great big money maker days when the cards just seem to go your way. Just be careful gambling and conservative and you will do fine.

Another perk while gambling will be many comps or freebies they will give you just for playing. These perks include free food, rooms, shows, etc. You just have to play to get these. It will not matter how much you gamble it is more based on how long you play. In other words as you are playing at a table your comps go up. Do not think it is based on your amount you win or play.

Just do not get discouraged if things do not at first go your way.  It just takes time and practice.  It can be done.  Just go slow and have fun.  You will make money as long as you follow these rules.

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Roffi Grandiosa 5 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia

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bfishgold 5 years ago Author

Thank you Roffi Grandiosa and I will check yours out too.

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