How To Make Money Online With Email

Email Can Be a Great Tool

One of the best ways to make both quick and repeat money online is to build an email list. Email marketing is nothing new but it's power has remained strong throughout the years. This is a direct marketing method that has unbelievable potential especially when targeted properly.

Generally people will not subscribe to your email list unless you have something interesting to offer. You can give away a free ebook, video series, email course or audio file. You will provide this free gift in exchange for their email address.

In order to keep your mailing list active you must provide great content. It should be brief and to the point. People will refrain from reading long emails. If the emails are between 200 - 400 words you will have better read rates. The paragraphs should be small and spaced often. This kind of tricks the reader into thinking its a quick read.

In order to monetize your emails you can use affiliate links or links to your own products. You should only monetize 2 emails out of every 5. If you try a higher ratio you may end of losing subscribers as they think you are just trying to pitch them every email.

Try to create an attention grabbing subject line. You have no change of making a sale if nobody is interested in opening your email. Try to make your emails tell a story, something exciting they can relate to. If you do this well your subscribers will be frantic, waiting to read your next email. This type of excitement is great for getting people in the mood to spend money.

What is An Auto-Responder

In order to do all this you will need an email list manager or auto-responder service. I would not try making your own or using some open source tool. You can run into problem with getting your emails caught in spam filters. Most auto-responders services will not let you import email addresses into their system. This generally because they cannot confirm how you obtained the list. This could be a problem if you find you must migrate fr your "home made" system to a professional auto-responder service.

These are a few reasons why I suggest using a first class service like Aweber from the beginning. This is a great service that will allow you to schedule your emails or create an automatic follow up series. This is a great feature since you can pre-build your entire email sequence and have it automatically email out on a set schedule immediately after someone subscribes. You can essentially let your auto-responder run on autopilot while you concentrate on getting subscribers. You can also build a basic squeeze page with Aweber so you do not require a hosting service. You may still need to buy a domain name to forward to your Aweber squeeze page unless you feel comfortable using a http 301 redirection service like

With Aweber you can build multiple email lists that are completely separate from one another. This will allow you to have multiple projects going at once.

Once you at up and running with a decent sized list you can really start to make money. It's no lie when you here the big marketers say "the money is in the list".

The great thing about having a list is you can make money night and day on autopilot. Once your auto-responder sequence it setup you can generate passive income. This can all be achieved without a website or blog.

Email Marketing 101

The E-Code: 33 Internet Superstars Reveal 43 Ways to Make Money Online Almost Instantly--Using Only E-Mail!
The E-Code: 33 Internet Superstars Reveal 43 Ways to Make Money Online Almost Instantly--Using Only E-Mail!

This is a timeless classic on email marketing. Even though its old, the techniques are still very valid.


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