How To Make Money With Google - 3 Deadly Sins In SEO

How To Make Money With Google - 3 Deadly Sins In SEO

The dream of any online entrepreneur is to master the secrets of making money with Google and receive a high volume of free traffic to his website.

To make money from the search giant free you must master the techniques known as search engine optimization or SEO.

The literature is increasingly comprehensive and there is great confusion about what should be done to appear on the first page of Google.

Check out the main mistakes you should avoid at all costs so that your optimization efforts are not wasted:

Mistake #1 - Selection of Keywords Ultra Competitive

The first step to a successful optimization is the correct selection of keywords. Unless you're a large company with many resources, do not choose keywords super competitive.

Many companies seeking a high traffic choose words that will take months or even years of continuous effort to attract many visitors.

It is best that you choose words with a reasonable amount of searching and presenting low competitiveness. Choose several of these words and in the short term the number of visitors will definitely increase.

Mistake #2 - Written Tags for Robots and Not for People

For the search engine understand what your site is relevant to certain keyword you must include this word in some parts of the code within the website, for example with the "title tag".

The "title tag" is the code that instructs the browser to submit a title for the page.

For example, if you sell widgets over the internet and your page is about flowers for wedding, you must include this keyword in the title. What many people do is exaggerate and repeat the words in the title or use words that make no sense to users.

Where have the users in mind and write interesting titles to attract interest. Of course, the keyword should be included, but intelligently.

Nowadays search engines such as Google already know how to recognize if the "tags" are artificially created to attract them and not to create a good experience for users. And the website is optimized can even get a penalty by creating an opposite effect.

Mistake #3 - Obsession with density Keyword

Back when Google has not dominated the market, search engines like Altavista gave much importance to internal factors of the website, which are controlled by webmasters and can produce results of little relevance to users.

When Google came on the scene, the most important factors for a high ranking in search engines have become the factors outside the site, the most important links pointing to a website and Page Rank.

Do not waste time creating an artificially full text keywords for which you want to get a ranking. Mention the word only once in the title and once in the first paragraph and always think of the users.

The most important factor for Google is the relevance of its content to the keyword entered. Not even trying to fool a company that has thousands of Ph.Ds working full time. Your main focus should be the satisfaction of the internet user.

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