How To Obtain An Antique Auto Insurance Policy

Own a 1957 Buick Century Caballero Esate Wagon? Or how about a 1960 Dodge Phoenix Convertible? If you’re like me an are an enthusiast for classic cars from generations past, then odds are that you probably own one, two, or even a few models yourself. If that’s the case, then you definitely want the very best in antique auto insurance. This type of insurance is not for everyone and definitely not for every car. Antique auto insurance is only for specific types of cars that need to undergo a different evaluation process by insurance companies when determining their market value. The primary difference between normal car and classic car insurance is that there is more weight put on rarity, condition, and original build when calculating how much a classic car is worth. Click here for free antique auto insurance quotes from Auto Insurance Cleveland Quotes. That site will provide quick, easy rate quotes for any part of the country.

People commonly ask me what criteria must be met in order to qualify for antique auto insurance. Now, each insurance agency is different and some will have their own unique standards but in my experience here are a few common denominators that I have found:

  • Any vehicle younger than 19 years will not qualify.
  • Any vehicle that is not in factory original condition will not qualify. This is because they need a common set of factors to evaluate each type of car and it is extremely difficult to provide an antique auto insurance quote if a car has been significantly modified.
  • The vehicle must be well maintained, restored, and in good condition.
  • Any vehicle that is not kept in a garage or secure area when not in use will not qualify.
  • The primary use of the vehicle cannot be for daily commute. In other words the vehicle can only be driven recreationally.

There are also a few checks the driver must pass if he is hopeful to obtain antique auto insurance. He must be at least 25 years old, have no more than one moving violation and one at fault accident on his DMV record. and must be able to furnish an official appraisal and detailed photograph of the vehicle.

Now you have learned that it takes much more work to obtain antique auto insurance. This only seems right because the insurance agencies offering this type of coverage are pretty much factoring rarity and demand for a certain car when usually they don’t for the normal auto insurance policies they provide to other customers. Take your time when shopping around for a quote and go with a company that you feel you and trust. When I have looked around, I’ve found that most companies that offer these types of policies share in our passion and understand how valuable our classic vehicles are to us and to our well-being =). When you’re ready, click here for a free antique auto insurance quote from Auto Insurance Quotes Cleveland. The best of luck to you with insuring your sweet ride!

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