How To Save Gasoline

How To Save Gasoline Money

Gas stations: We're the gouging victims
Gas stations: We're the gouging victims | Source

How To Save Money On Your Gasoline Expenses

How To Save Money On Your Gasoline Expenses
  One of todays' chief expenses for you and your family, besides food, and rent or mortgage,is gasoline. If you are having dire financial circumstances there are really some steps you can take today to dramatically reduce your gasoline expenses for you and or your family! The sooner you make some of the following changes,the better!  And with the upcoming federal government budget deficit which if not settled properly could cause another economic downturn you would be wise to start to take some of the following steps now which are most applicable to your present circumstances. Actually most of the following suggestions are common sense solutions that can really be very applicable to solve your financial problems. Actually many expenses can be solved by merely simplifying your life style:

  -Commute by bus or rail.
  -Buy mass transit discounts and toll vouchers
  -Connect with a car pool.
  -Ride your bicycle to work; you will save gasoline, insurance, car repair, etc.; unless the trip is long and treacherous.
  -Hike to work if you live nearby.
  -Purchase your groceries at a grocery store which offers gasoline discounts for the products which you buy at their store; one prime example of this is where I work at: here you purchase food, products, etc. at either Giant Eagle and or Get Go and you receive discounts off of your gasoline purchase at Get Go. This specific example you can see on CBS; here a specific person's example and their explanation how you how this is accomplished.
  -Drive to work with your spouse.
  -Drive other people requesting their sharing the gasoline expense.
  -Move closer to your job; personally I walk to work; no gas, no insurance, no car repairs, etc.
  -Depart to and from work a little early or late to avoid the morning rush.
  -Search for low cost parking if you must pay to park nearby work; if you bus you
avoid parking cost.
  These are some very basic steps which can dramatically decrease your commuting expense.
   Other ways to save money on gasoline are:
  -Drive at a the legal speed limit: moderate drivers can increase their gas speed by 37%.
  -Don't idle excessively: idlers; rather turn your car off.
   How to save money on gasoline from Ehow by braniac
    1001 Ways to Cut Your Expenses by Jonathan D. Pond (this book is worth buying for all of the money it will save you!)

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novascotiamiss profile image

novascotiamiss 5 years ago from Nova Scotia, Canada

Great hub. 2 more points: Don't drive a gas guzzler just for showing off and don't go for a drive, just because you are bored. I totally agree with you with regards to saving fuel by keeping to the speed limit, it makes a huge difference. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world public transportation is too expensive and should be subsidized more in favour of the environment.

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