How To Save Money Without a Budget


Alternative Ways To Saving Money

Sticking to a budget can be difficult and nobody wants to through life ring bored because all they did was stay home and save money. Life is too short, everyone should travel and experience this they normally wouldn't. That's why my tips on saving money are a little different than most.

1. Take vacations outside of the peak season. Travel is very cheap from end of Oct to mid December. Kids have just gone back to school and most families have wasted their money on summer vacations. As it nears the end of the year nobody has money to travel before Xmas or they are waiting to take a vacation during Xmas.

2. During the summer keep the a/c off and keep the heat on low during the winter. Energy prices have been super high the last few years so this can account for lots of wasted money each month.

3. Stay at home Instead of going out for dinner once or multiple times a week. Find some great recipes and cook your favorite dishes at home as a couple/family. Mix in some wine and you may have a fun night.

4. If you have a cell phone and a house phone you should look at getting rid of one of these. If you don't want to do this think about getting a VoIP phone through companies like Vonage, Skype or even your cable company. These providers can offer great service for very low cost.

5. If you have large gas sucking vehicle, think of getting rid of and and getting a small car. You probably love your SUV, truck or sports car but these vampire can really suck money. Not only is gas an expense but usually the insurance and maintenance. I've swallowed my pride for years driving a conservative car. People can say all they want but extra money in my pocket will trump any hurtful comment.

6. Cut out the expensive alcohol. If you like micro breweries beer, fine wines or aged Scotches you are not alone. I love all of these and truly cherish them whenever I can. These can be quite expensive when consumed on a regular basis. I suggest you cut back on some of these luxuries. Mix in some cheaper alcohol and save the good stuff for special events. Alternatively you could try brewing your own beer or making wine. This can be very cheap and turn out to be lots of fun. I have had some great wine from friends basement wineries over the years.

7. Stop going out for lunches during the work week an start bringing a lunch from home. You can save major money and increase your health at the same time. I know lunch can be an important social event but it can add up fast. Ease into it a couple days a week. After a while your colleagues may join you. It can be just as much fun sitting around a table in the office as it is in the restaurant.

8. Cancel all the useless monthly bills and charges you pay. Things like satellite radio, newspaper, movie channels, NFL Sunday ticket, NHL Center Ice, WiFi accounts. All of these things add up and alternatives can be found for almost every one of these services. They may not be as convenient but they will get the job done.

These are just a few easy lifestyle changes that can lead to $100 or more money in your pocket at the end of each month.

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