How To Upload To Hotfile With FTP

Hotfile is a file hosting site that also pays for downloads. You can use it as an online file storage and you can make money from it. Whatever your goals with Hotfile may be, it important to use to right tool for the job. In this case, the job is to upload as many files as you need with the least amount of work. It is convenient to upload files with their remote uploader but there are drawbacks. For one, your files are uploaded at maximum speed. Another problem with the remote uploader is they only allow you to upload one file at a time. Some of you may be wondering, "but don't I want to upload fast?" Not always. This is where ftp comes into play. You will quickly realize why you need to use FTP to upload to Hotfile.

What are the benefits of using an ftp client? The short answer is control. ftp allows you to have more control over the files you upload. There are some instance where you don't want to upload at maximum speed. For example, I share internet with family and I have to be considerate of my bandwidth usage. Any ftp client worth using will have an option to limit and adjust bandwidth speeds. Throttling bandwidth during peek hours of the day means everyone in my household can enjoy high speed internet without slowdown.

gFTP is a simple FTP client for Ubuntu
gFTP is a simple FTP client for Ubuntu

The other benefit of ftp is the ability to upload multiple files at once. Have you ever wanted to attach a folder to an email? Currently, the 2 leading email providers, Yahoo and Gmail does not allow you to attach folders. In order to send files through email, you would have to attach each file one at a time. This is similar to the uploader on Hotfile. If I wanted to upload 100 mp3's, I would have to upload the one by one on the site. This can become very time consuming especially when you have to click browse, find the file and click upload many times. With ftp it is different. If I wanted to upload a folder full of mp3's, I can simply queue up the entire folder and walk away from my computer. In a few minutes, all the music will be uploaded without a problem. This is extremely efficient for the multi-tasker like yourself. Imagine uploading a 5 gb folder and be able to watch a movie at the same time. This is the beauty of using ftp. It frees up time to do other stuff you wouldn't normally have time for.

Okay, you're convinced now. You've been using the standard uploader like a newb and now you want to upload like a pro. How do you get started? First, you need a Hotfile account. Sign up here. Then you need an ftp client. There are ftp clients available for all operating systems. Just do a google search for "ftp clients for X" replacing X with your computer's operating system. I use Ubuntu and gFTP works perfectly for my needs.

Okay, so you downloaded and installed an ftp client on your computer. Now what? Now you have to connected to Hotfile. It's easy. While each ftp client look and work differently, there are a few thing the have in common. For the "Host" field, type "" without the quotes. For "Port" leave it blank or type in "21" without quotes. For "Username" and "Password", type in your hotfile username and password respectively. Click "Connect" or "Login" depending on your client. There! You are done! Everything else is simple. Navigate to the files or folder you want uploaded and click upload. You should be able to set upload/download speeds in "Options" or "Preferences" on your program. There you have it! You can now start uploading your files and make money per download! Don't have a Hotfile account? Sign up and earn money today!

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BlueShinobi 6 years ago

Next time my account gets deleted, I will sign up under your ref :)

This is awesome man. I never even thought to TRY this, lol

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 6 years ago from New England Author

Thank you for the comment blueshinobi! This is a great tip for anyone thinking of using hotfile or for those who already have a hotfile account.

Andy1 6 years ago

I too will sign up using your referral. This is incredible. You have made my life so much easier.

Freedom Overdose 6 years ago

That's cool, however, unfortunately, it won't let me download my files through ftp, so that makes it quite impossible for incremental backups... :(

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 6 years ago from New England Author

freedom overdose,

You mean incremental restoring? Yeah, yo uare right. Currently you cannot download from hotfile with FTP, only uploading is allowed. My guess is they do this to promote sharing the files online. There are programs that will queue up downloads. One such program is Tucan. It's available for Windows and Ubuntu.

Wayne 6 years ago

Awesome!!! I'm gonna try it.. coincidently.. right now, I'm uploading a file to hotfile (via browser) and it will take some time.. After its done, I'll try it! I'm planning on using gFTP.. any suggestions on which one to use?

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 6 years ago from New England Author

I use gFTP because I am using linux. I'm not sure if there is a gFTP client for Windows. However, Filezilla is cross platform and I've used that before and it works fine.

If you can't find gFTP for windows, try Filezilla. Ohh, and you shouldn't have to pay for it. FTP programs are almost all identical except for user interface. In the past, you had to pay for them. I'm not sure about now. Thanks for the comment, Wayne!

Rohit 5 years ago

Good stuff. I have tried using FileZilla. However the point is in order to make money, I need to have the hotfile URL of the file I have uploaded. Say if I upload 100 files using FileZilla, how do I get the 100 hotfile download links which I can share with others?

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 5 years ago from New England Author


You have to do that on the site site. Here's a tip. Make a single folder of your uploads. Example: "Pop Music" and upload those 100 files there. Then, instead of sharing the individual links, share the entire folder. This means your folder link can have more files added to it dynamically!

Gduck 5 years ago

thanks man ! really helpful!

George_III 5 years ago

Nice tip! I've been having problems uploading files to Hotfile (I get an error from the server, sometimes when the file is almost completely uploaded... :/ ), and I guess an ftp client can have a more stable connection... Can this be done with other file hosting services (Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc.)?

karan verma 4 years ago

hai i am karan verma. i am using blogger as you know , blogger does not allow to direct upload of pictures. i am also using blogjet , offline blogging software, i have hotfile account, i am trying to configure ftp account , i am getting error,

please reply with me ftp url and folder url

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 4 years ago from New England Author

Hotfile and most other filesharing services do not enable hotlinking, especially on picture. In order to do this, you must log into your hotfile account and enable hotlinking for each of the picture. Even then, I'm not sure it will work. Hotfile, depositfile, etc are more geared for backups and larger files.

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