How to Attaract Money


Wealthis ultimately nothing more than a subconscious conviction on the part of the Individual.You will not become a millionaire by saying I am a millionaire I am a millionaire.You will grow into a wealth consciousness by building into your mentality the idea of wealth and abundance.

The Ideal Method for building a wealth consciousness is to say I need wealth and success.Repeat for about five minutes to yourself three of four times a day,"Wealth and Success."These words have tremendous power.They represent the inner power of subconscious mind.Anchor your mind on this substantial power within you; then conditions and circumstances corresponding to their nature and quality will be manifested in your life. You are not saying  "I am wealthy", you are dwelling on the real power within you.There is no conflict in the mind when you say,"Wealth" furthermore,the feeling of wealth will well up within you as you dwell on the idea of wealth.

     The feeling of wealth of produces wealth;keep this in mind at all times. Your subconscious mind is like a bank a sort of universal financial institution. It magnifies whatever you deposit or impress upon it whether it is idea of wealth or of poverty.Choose Wealth.

How to Avoid Mental Conflict

people will say oh i did that nothing happened.You did not get result because you indulged in fear thoughts perhaps ten minutes later and neutralized the good you had affirmed.When you placed a seed in the ground,you don not dig up again later in the day.You let it take root and grow.

  suppose for an example you are about to say I will not be able to make that payment Before you get further than I will---- stop the sentence Change it into a constructive way such as I will be prospered in all my ways.

As you go to sleep at night,practice the following technique repeat the word "wealth" quietly,easily,and feelingly. Do this over and over again, just like a lullaby.Lull yourself to sleep with the one word "Wealth" You should be amazed with the result. Wealth should flow to you in avalanches of abundance. This is the another example of the magic power of your subconscious mind.

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