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This is a response for the inquiries about how to file, apply, and claim for GSIS survivorship pension and benefits. If you are a spouse, son, daughter or dependent of a deceased government employee in the Philippines, chances are you are entitled to receive pension or benefits from the GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) to the extent of your coverage and qualification. The question is, are you qualified? If so, what are the requirements and documents to submit? How much are you entitled to receive? Read on the update…

My grandpa died few months ago and last week I helped my grandma to file for survivorship benefits in the GSIS office. We know very much she is qualified to receive burial benefits and survivorship pension from her deceased spouse who was a retired police and has been an old age pensioner of the GSIS. I love my granny very much and I help her whenever I can. She’s in her eighties and still so strong but I know she needs me in matters like that. So I gathered all the documents she needs to pass before going to the GSIS to avoid going back over again. Here are the tips so you avoid going back especially if the beneficiary is a senior citizen.

Tips to file survivorship benefits in a day without going back over and over again

Complete the requirements listed below.

Download the application forms (2 copies) and fill them out.

Register the death certificate of the deceased member to the NSO as soon as possible after the member died because NSO usually release the authenticated copy after 3 months.

Make sure your IDs are valid, same signature, same details (accepted IDs are GSIS ecard, SSS ID, driver’s license, passport, company ID, senior citizen’s ID)

Have the affidavits required notarized

Bring all the original requirements and have photo copies each

Before you go to the GSIS, go to the Unionbank or the bank where the GSIS ecard is registered. Withdraw all the remaining funds from the ecard. Secure a SOA (Statement of account) copy from the bank.

Requirements for the Survivorship Pension Benefits

Bring original and photocopies of each of the following documents:

Primary beneficiaries

If the beneficiary is the spouse:

  • NSO authenticated death certificate of the member or pensioner with OR attached
  • NSO authenticated birth certificate of the surviving spouse with OR attached
  • 2 valid IDs (with 2 photocopies back and forth)

If the beneficiaries are the spouse and dependent minor children/incapacitated children:

The requirements mentioned above plus:

  • NSO authenticate birth certificate of the minor children with OR attached (maximum of 5 children counting from the youngest)
  • Proofs of surviving legal heirs and guardianship
  • Affidavit of surviving children
  • Affidavit of surviving minor/incapacitated children

**In case that the incapacitated dependent child is not a minor anymore, bring medical records showing his/her incapacity of self support due to mental or physical defect

Secondary beneficiaries

If the deceased member has no primary beneficiaries like spouse or dependent legitimate or illegitimate or legally adopted children, secondary beneficiaries may be entitled to pension or survivorship benefits. They shall be the dependent parents and the legitimate descendants.

Who are qualified for GSIS survivorship pension and benefits?

Like mentioned, the member’s primary beneficiaries or secondary beneficiaries are entitled to receive benefits provided the spouse doesn’t remarry or co-habits in common-law partner or relationship and until the dependent children have reached the age of majority. GSIS is conducting regular investigation to make sure these conditions are met otherwise the survivorship pensions will suspend.

GSIS survivorship ecard
GSIS survivorship ecard

How much will be the survivorship pension and benefits?

For the legal spouse, he/she will receive 50% of the BMP (basic monthly pension) of the deceased member not exceeding 50% of the current BMP of step 8 salary of an Undersecretary. Undersecretary is the highest career position in the government thus the government applied this ceiling to ensure and guarantee equity and fairness among members and their survivors. Monthly pension are usually forwarded to the survivor spouse ecard plus (atm card).

For the qualified minor dependents, survivorship pension benefits are computed at 10% of the BMP.

Disclaimer: The comments uploaded on this site do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of the author, Hubpages and the agencies mentioned. All replies by the author are based from views according to experiences and not from the agencies mentioned in the article.

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Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 4 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

This is so well explained, Fehl. And you have done this for your Granma already. This is great information for Pinoys and Pinays to use.

Survivorship pension benefits are important for the bereaved family. Your hubs are always full of great and useful information, honey. Thank you for sharing. :)

I love your hubs. :) xoxx

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hi, Princess :) I'm happy to see you here. Yes, my grandma has received her survivorship benefits from the GSIS together with the burial benefits. She will receive the monthly pension soon. Though my grandpa died, he's still giving my grandma a lot of cash lol We miss him so much.

Thank you for being here and more.. Mwaaaah! xoxo

SWEETIE 4 years ago


Moby 4 years ago

My father was informed by gsis that lumpsum will be forfeited due to late submission of d said requirements. Is ds true?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Sweetie I have posted the download forms and links in the article. Thank you for dropping by.

@Moby in claiming for survivorship benefits, you must file it within 4 years from the date of death of the deceased GSIS member/pensioner

rafvens 4 years ago

this is truly help a lot of people... specially to the many survivor of newly wrath bagyong ondoy. my mother and minor brother are one of them missing. so now i striving and looking forward to process this for my father. God bless wherever they are... thanx a lot

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Rafvens *giving you a big hug*. I wish you can receive your claim and benefits from the GSIS. You deserve them and need them. May God bless your mom and brother and your family. Wish you all the best.

gloria 4 years ago

My husband died last april 26, 2012 at age of 57 years. he is supposed a pensioner when he will be reached 60yrs, he has and ID as pensioner when he will be reached 60yrs old. As a survivorship, what can I claim from him except the burial benefits?

Yetemio J, Tacbobo 4 years ago

My wife died last Feb.2,2011, at the age of 53, as a surviving husband how long should i wait, to received survivorship and optional life benefits.

profile image

jalagloria 4 years ago

I need your reply as my message above name gloria...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Gloria If he is a pensioner, you can claim survivorship pension of half of what he is receiving every month plus burial of P20,000. Go to the GSIS and file for survivorship. If qualified, then you will receive pension. You have to stay single to keep receiving pension.

@Yetemio You will know if you are qualified if you go to the GSIS and they assess your qualifications according to your husband’s records.

gloria 4 years ago

thank you hub...

hermenegilda bontuan 4 years ago

im for my e card for three months until now ,walang resulta

hermenegilda bontuan 4 years ago

im waiting for my ecard for three months until now walang resulta i need your help

Eloisa 4 years ago

What if my spouse is a foreigner and we got married here in the he entitled to become my beneficiary or will he receive survivorship benefits in case I will leave ahead of him?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Gloria pleasure :)

@Hermenegilda you can make a follow up by calling the GSIS office where your ecard is supposed to be issued. If you are a new pensioner, yes it takes time po talaga

@Eloisa yes he is entitled if you are really married and if he is not living with another woman. If he remarried or he’s staying with someone else, he’s not entitled anymore.

Percy 4 years ago

Can I also be entitled for the survivor benefits if we are not legally married but happily together for more than 30 yrs?.. or how about our 30 yr. old son?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

You must be legally married because it is one of the requirements. Minor children are also given benefits for this kind of pension

ed 4 years ago

how about if the spouse is out of the country and their children will be the one to claim the benefits? they advised us to make a skype account for the spouse but until now they haven't contacted him. we already gave the skype codename to them 3-4 months ago.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Please contact the GSIS directly for that as they need to see the spouse for the survivorship benefits assessment. Make a follow up again and demand them it needs to process and it's been 4 months..

joanna 4 years ago

Hi! i would like to know how long will it take for my mom to get her survivorship pension if she filed it last month? thank you and God bless!

joanna 4 years ago

another query, my father was 54 y/o when he died he was not a pensioner how much survivorship pension my mother will receive? my father's salary was 15,000? thank you again and God bless!

Darwin 4 years ago

How will it be if the spouse is already deceased? Should we file for Affidavit of Surviving Heirs? Also, how if one of my siblings is living abroad?

Karen 4 years ago

We are 3 siblings, my mom passed away ahead of my dad. Is it possible for me to claim surviving benefits as both of my siblings are living abroad, should I have an Affidavit of Surviving Heirs? If not, is SPA coming from my 2 siblings that they are waiving their claim possible?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Joanna My grandma got hers after a week because she already has an ecard so she didn’t have to apply for one. I think it’s about a month because the ecard releasing takes time

@Darwin @Karen yes the affidavit of surviving heirs is one of the requirements. If there were minors among the heirs, they will receive benefits too. If one of the minors are abroad, you can submit their birth certificate and GSIS will inform you how will they receive their claim in case they are entitled for them 4 years ago

My mother past away two years ago. She is a retired government elementary teacher. Her pension when still alive did not change for five years. why is that so? And her survivorship pension since year 2000 - 01 did not appear in her bank account. How can I claim it? Can I, only child, claim something from her services as a sole survivor? Please answer my questions.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hi there. The only way you can look over the correct amounts of claims is to go to the GSIS and check her records... You may need to submit something or you may need to know adjustments of the benefits. Time is gold. The earlier you do this, the sooner you will receive and know the result.

profile image

sweet25 4 years ago

hello. My brother passed away last October and he had served the government for almost 5 years. he has a wife and a 5 year old child.. I just want to ask if his wife and child are qualified to received a survivorship pension? I hope u can answer me.. thank you..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I think if the wife doesn't remarry another man and the child is 5, they may be entitled for benefits provided they pass the documents required (see them in the article) I suggest you go to the GSIS near you to apply for funeral benefits too

leony 4 years ago

my husband died last 3 years ago.i go to gsis every month to follow up my benefits i got only his burial until now the rest i can not claimes all his benefits.How can i claim it?All my documents are complet.answer my question pls.thanks and god bless.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Good day Ma'am. It is best if you go there personally and check your records and hear about the status of your claim. You need to look at your records and talk to the staff. God bless and I hope they will fix your application now :)

conie 4 years ago

i hope you could help me regarding to my problem. Im working as a maid here in the philippines. and my problem is my father pass away febuary 9, 2012 . and he's a member of GSIS i am confused coz i already gave to them the documents that they needed. but the problem is they need the back of my birthcertificate which indicate the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of fatrher and mother im a illegitemate daughter, and father doesn't have a signature in my birthcerficate.. but as i said all the documents ive already submitted. So is there possible that i get the burial and Lamsam of my father? hope you'll answer my question thank you.

Norma Rupido Robles 4 years ago

My sister, Carmelita M. Rupido, worked at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) until her death on June 3, 2011. She's single (unmarried). My sisters, Dolores Rupido Abalos and Rosalinda Rupido Laureta and me (Norma Rupido Robles) filed all the purported documents at the GSIS Office in Pasay City sometime in February 2012 to claim the death benefits due us. However, we have not yet receive anything nor heard of the status of our claims until now (February 12, 2013). How long is the normal waiting period for the processing of death claims. Please enlighten us on this matter. Thank you very much. God bless and we hope to hear from you sooner.

remyra c rosaldes 3 years ago

my friend is asking if he can apply for a survivor pension,his wife is a retired pnp,but already died,he went to gsis office to claim the burial ,but the employee of the gsis told him,that he cannot claim the burial and he will not pension because his wife has an outstanding balance with gsis,,we are so puzzled because we thought that if the member dies all her debt was paid by the insurance,,,

Aquito Jim 3 years ago

my dad used to be the head of engineering in the municipality of cainta., he died on January 7, 2009., we have receive a pension on Oct. 2010 once when my mother is still alive but die on Feb. 2011., now we are only surviving because of our parents savings., but now that the savings are finished., we are only counting on the pensions and i need stop studying due to i need to find a job to let my siblings to have food and continue their studies., we already filled all the documents last Nov. 2012 and still now their's nothing change in the status., pleas make it fast., i don't know what to do.,

profile image

sally pajel 3 years ago

hello,my husband passed away april 12, edwin pajel.and he served as a public teacher for more than 5 years.the GSIS dis approved my survivorship and the double compensation they only paid me life policy insurance i complete and submit all documents, i have 4 kids and i am legal wife.i don't have work to support my kids.please help me.thanks and more power! 3 years ago

my dad's first wife is already married to another man before he died. they have 2 child who are both independent now. my dad and my mom is not married, but we are acknowledge and we are both dependent children. what should i do get the survivor ship benefit? should i prove that the marriage of my father and his first wife was annulled already?

profile image

jalagloria 3 years ago

good day hub. from that december 2012 until now I have not been receiving my survivorship pension for the reasons that I should first get an ECARD. Last april 2013 I was there in Ecard section GSIS section in Butuan city to file that Ecard.. I kept on coming there to follow up.. but my ecard not yet done... so with my pension not received then too because my card not yet finished. Kindly help me to follow up, though that was only a little amount but it could help me much in my daily needs, and I hope that I will be going there on next week , my Ecard now available.. thank you Hubby and more power...

Vivian D Godoy 3 years ago

a pleasant good day Hub l am a survivor pensioner of GSIS since 1986 and it said it is a lifetime pension howcome it was cutoff since 2003 is there posibility to be resume nowadays thanks and God bless

vic23 3 years ago

h! twentyfive my mom is a teacher she died on march 1 2013, she is on the service before she died,and she applied her retirement in the ombudsman last year 2012 ,then after i completed the requirements for the death benefits and her survivorship, the employee said in the GSIS you cannot claim your mother retirement cause she didn't apply for the retirement here in GSIS before she died,but she is already applied her retirement on the ombudsman she is 36 to 38 years in the service ,what is this? what is the rule of GSIS about this case, i think this is not fair... hope you answer my concern ....

subar 3 years ago

thank you very much, what an inspiring effort to people who really need our care and attention

Susan Abarra llorca 3 years ago

Modesta Abarra Sison she is my antie no child but im also a beneciary of her if died already . i want to know if im still one of her beneficiary? can you sent an answer in my facebook under my name susan abarra llorca thanks

madel royo 3 years ago

Gud pm po follow up ko lng po mam,, un death claim ng tatai ko,,, si ma mario e, royo po,, at un pension po ng tatai ko at survivor,,,sana nmn po mam mpadali n po kc po klngan n po nmn mam mraming mraming salamat po

rico462028@gmail 2 years ago

Hi I'm Mr.esgallera and I am the only legal child of the late Mr. Gerry esgallera. I'm father is a retired member of the Philippine constabulary. Some says that there is a lump sum which will be given to the family of the late but I don't have any idea claiming it. Can I ask what is the requirements in claiming it. Where can I claim it. I do hope u will help me to claim. By the way he is the Philippines constabulary 70's to 80's. 2 years ago

Thank you so much for these wonderful email. Before, I'm wondering how can I get my fathers benefits and now I know how to claim it and I thank the Lord for the wisdom he gave to me. I already get my fathers lump sum in SSS although the beneficiaries indicated there that the mistress of my father is the beneficiary I fautgh for it and I have a prefer and true documents stating that I am the only son of my father and I am entitled for his lump sum and not nobody else. Now my question is where can I found the service record of my father. To tell you frankly I really don't have any document of my fathers military history. All I can know is he belongs yo the Philippines constabulary. I have here all the nessesary document that I needed. The birth cert of my father, my mother, the births cert of my father. Sss # 2 years ago


I just want to ask a few questions. My aunt died single and a retired teacher, she already got her 5 yr lump sum and supposed to get her pension this 2015- sadly she will not be able to now. My question is, is she entitled to a survivorship claim? Her parents are already dead, but she still has her 2 siblings, my other aunt and my father.

We were told by GSIS that the only claim we can file is a funeral claim, I was just wondering if this is correct? It's just a wonder why she can't file a death claim. Death claim and funeral claims are two different things, am I right? I hope you can help me with this, I don't want all my aunt's hard work end up nowhere. I want to make sure that we claim what ever it is supposed to be claimed, by my aunt and father who can both compensate from it. Thank you.

rhea lacsamana 2 years ago

Good day! Just want to make an inquiry... my father died march 2, 2014 as a pensioner of gsis I together with my mother filed burial claims and survivorship. Unfortunately, one of the requirements to submit is tgeir marriage contract wherein we found out that my father had two names used on it while as a gsis member he only used one. We have asked gsis employees if we can just get an affidavit stating that this name and this are of the same person but they've told us that gsis are not accepting affidavits. Please help us find the easiest way possible to transfer gsis benefits to my mother as his survivor? Thanks and god bless!

hi gudeve..Im Carolyn!! 2 years ago

Can i ask?my father died last sept it true dat f u have loan that you did not pay u cannot receive the death claim and survivorship,cause my mother did not receive the death claim and survivorship cause of the loan of my father..tnx,i ned ur reply.godbless po Carolyn 2 years ago

Gudeveng..can i ask?my father died last

Sept 27. 2014,my mother did not receive the death claim and survivorship cause of the loan of my it true dat f u have loan dat u did not pay the pensioner did not receive the death claim and survivorship..pls response,tnx godbles po!!

catherine 2 years ago

ask q lng po pag di nagbyad ng loan babawasin po b un sa life benefit?

petals31 2 years ago

i would like to ask about claiming survivor ship benefits....supposing husband and wife were separated for several years, who can claim the survivor ship benefits?

liza 2 years ago

Hi po 3yrs ng nama2ty ang husbnd ko my pension n ako at nakuha ko n ang survivor benefits.hindi k n naclaim ang deathbenefits dhl marami ciang loan at un ang katumbs ng deathbenefits nya.ask k lng po db insurance ang gsis automatic pg nmty ang member wla n lht un loan washout ska napakaraming loan n nkalagy n un iba natapos n nya.sna po masagot nyo agad ang mga tanong ko at 1yr n lng ang natitira para malaman ko kung marerefund k p ang deathbenefits.tnx and godbless!!!!!!!

alpa 2 years ago

Paano po kung 29 years ng patay ang member ng gsis my makukuha pa po b ung mga naiwan nya kasi hindi naman n claim ng mga anak nya ksi minor p cla noon.

liza09 2 years ago

Sana nmn po pkisgot po un tanong n kapag my loan ung namaty ndi n makiclaim ng naiwan un ibng benefits db insurance ang gsis?

Jay mindanao 22 months ago

I would like to ask po sir kung mkaclaim pa ba ako sa survivorship kahit lumapas na 1 yeR since namatay ang father ko? Ang problema lng na withdraw ko yong mga pension nya kahit patay na cya? Pwede pa bayanan yong nakuha ko or iminus na lng sa survivorship sir? Please help...

riza 21 months ago

Gud pm po sir my death benefits po b police in 5 yrs in service ? Mgkajapension dn po b mga beneficiaries nya? Salamat po

crystal 20 months ago query is this:my sister died a year ago and is receiving a disability pension.she is single.we,her siblings haven't filed for death claim yet up to now in the gsis and her pension is still coming in monthly in her ecard.apparently we spent the money though were thinking kung bkt mai laman pa ito.wat will be the legal actions na ibi2gay ng gsis once we file for her death claim or once they knew it(that the pensioner has long been dead)?babayaran po ba yun namin?thanks siblings,wat r we entitled to receive/claim since he is single and our parents are already dead as well.?

LUISA BOLDA 20 months ago


profile image

Asiul Hizon Bolda 20 months ago

my father died last may 30,2005 her name is FLORENCIO DELOS REYES BOLDA hindi pa nmen na claim yung survivor benefits na na ifile last 2009 kasi hindi pa completo requirments until hindi na nabalikan hindi n nmen alam ang status paanu mag follow up please email me at

Thank you

Hanna 19 months ago

Hi im hanna i would like to ask regarding d survivorshp pension of my grany her single dauther past away 7 yearz ago we received the lumpsam wek after filing' then my grany authorize sumone to proces the documents ang filed it in gsis now the problem is, it filed 5 yearz ago until now my granny stil waiting for the said pension' it is posible dat the authorize person claim the pension?

profile image

Marlonxlyn 19 months ago

Hi, my father died 2 years ago. Ang problema andito ako ngayon sa ibang bansa? Tumawag ang sister ko na ready na daw ang tseke. Pano namin macclaim ito kahit nsa malayo ako...

margie pinatacan 8 months ago

my father , a survivorship pensioner when my mother died... Shall we the children have benefits to receive from the death of my father....

alexius salig 7 months ago

my father died in 1982 and had two survivors my mother and my sister with disablity but during the Arroyo administration they cut the survivors pensions of these people maybe because they were already receiving the benefits for quite a long time.Probably GSIS wants these people to die of hunger or there is alimit to survivorship pension.I would surely appreciate if you can share your opinions about this matter.Thank you.

sally 5 months ago

how much cash assistance aside from burial benefits my mother magdalena cadana had already accomplished all the requirements needed.....god bless and thank u gsis staff

ma.socorro daguman 4 months ago

Hi sir/madam:

I had read the information posted about how to claim the benefits of a gisi member...My question was not answered by the information posted here....Here is my question: my brother a gsis member married and died last june 2016. His wife went to the gsis to file his burial claim and for her survivorship pension. But unfortunately gsis told her that she was not the beneficiary of my late brother. The beneficiaries my late brother put in his information sheet was my niece, nephew and my daughter. Are these kids be entitled to claim the burial benefit of my brother? Is my sister in law no longer be entitled to any gsis benefits? If not, are the 3 kids which i had mentioned above be entitled to claim for the burial and will these kids be entitled for the pension? I am the eldest sister of my late brother and am also a gsis member. Thank you and hope to hear from you for the ruling regarding my querry.

Hi Sir/Madam 2 months ago

I just want to inquire from you.

My Brother a GSIS member was employed since 1984 and died in 2000, since then, we were not able to claim his GSIS Death Benefits.

Is it possible for us his Siblings to claim it now, since it's been 16 yrs. already since he died?

Am hoping to hear from you soon, Thank you for replying my inquerry...

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