How to Earn With Blogs

How to Earn With Blogs

The dream of every blogger is that his blog gives some extra money, or at least be able to pay the cost of hosting and domain. But many blogs do not give even that return. Mainly because the blogger did not even think of monetizing or not choose the best way to monetize his blog.

The first step to start earning with blogs is to decide which niche you want to capitalize and focus on it. If your blog is already within a specific niche, you got to do is choose the keywords that correspond to that niche, preferably those that have a high CTR value. Then it is necessary to optimize your old posts and especially those new to these words by making each post to appear in the first places in the SERPs. But optimization is not the only way to have results in search engines, optimize it also means that the contextual ads that appear on its pages will have everything to do with the keywords chosen by you.

The amount of posts written on a blog is also important because the more articles you have written and published, is more likely to be found for similar or identical research the keywords you have chosen. But the most important thing is that these posts contain content of quality and relevance.

Much happens there is that bloggers desperate to make money with blogs, are any keywords they think will be profitable in and go out creating blogs left and right without regard to who will read the content. That is, they do everything to get links, first places in the searches and profits that they forget completely that the blog will only succeed if readers find what they are looking for content that is relevant and of high quality on the subject of the blog.

So do not try to make a new blog about a subject that does not dominate if we do not want to spend much time researching, studying, writing quality content, optimizing your pages and doing a decent link building.

If you can do all this and still think of the layout, navigability on and functionalities of your blog, and then you will have a successful blog that will make you win big!

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