How to Get a TIN Online—Getting Tax Identification Number from the BIR

A Tax Identification Number, or TIN, is required in order to work for pay. If you want to obtain your TIN online, without going to the BIR office, it is possible to do so for free.

TIN Online Application

Individual taxpayers can use the online TIN application. So can self-employed individuals, single proprietors, professionals, mixed-income earners (including employees, single proprietors, and professionals), employees, and those who have qualified for Executive Order (E.O.) No. 98 (to do business with the government).

NOTE: You may have only one TIN for life. If you already have a TIN and forgot it, you may retrieve it by going to the BIR office. Securing more than one TIN is criminally punishable pursuant to the provisions of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997, as amended.

How to Get Your TIN Online

  • Fill out the online form. Remember to answer all questions before submitting your application
  • Click "submit" and you’re done.

What the Online Application Looks Like

Do you have your Tax ID Number already?

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Annecia George 7 weeks ago

can i please get my tin number thanks.

jonar guintu david 2 months ago


emmanuel gloria jr. 2 months ago

pag na fill upan na ba ung 1902 form pati ng emplyer diba ipapasa na sa bir bakit nung pinasa ko may kailngan pang email confirmation bakit gnun government emplyee po ako

Myles Salainas 4 months ago

ang hirap kumuha ng tin online para mapadali since govt website ito I will call 8888 para makasiguro na updated ito at malaman ng ating Presidente. otherwise I will write a letter kay DU30

gel 4 months ago

ang hirap kiumuha tru online. ni d nagmmessage sa gmail

Job Lucas 5 months ago

how to get my tin?

lyka 6 months ago

how to get tin number po, ?

maria crystal bernardo 6 months ago

Hi , I just want to know my TIN number is? Please let me know. Thanks

Joyce Abugan 6 months ago

Cannot access the proper government website to fill out the online application form for TIN application.

Rhea Lyn Ancheta 7 months ago

i have lost my TIN Id, so hw can i provide a new one?

Rodel 7 months ago

I have my Tax Account Number (TAN), is this the same as Tax Identification Number (TIN)? If not, do I have to get a new TIN?

George Soliman Cunanan 7 months ago

My TIN ID was lost, please can you provide to me my TIN number. Thanks and regards,

raniel 7 months ago

after submitting what will we do next? and when is the issuance of our tin number?

kuya ace 7 months ago

same problem

Radcliff lazado 8 months ago

How i can get my tin #. Pls'

jesus 9 months ago

tapos na po ako mag apply online, tapos eto yun reply sakin "PLEASE VISIT BIR FOR TIN APPLICATION. "ano po ibig sabhin nito? whats the use of online registration?

Junel 9 months ago

nagsubmit po ako ng info through online, pano po makukuha yung TIN number?

argie rose santos 9 months ago

nawala po yung tin id ko,may paraan po ba kung paano makakuha ulit?

jean santos 9 months ago

Sir/ma'am ndi q po alam ang aking tin number Proo nakapagwork na po AQ sa epza po pwede q po ba makuha po ulit

alleli angela punsalan 9 months ago

i have been issued a tax identification number before but i lost it. is it possible to retrieve or find it here in the net? if so can someone guide me how?

AC 10 months ago

How to Get TAX ID?

ariane mabazza 10 months ago

paano po maginquare ng tin po kc kaylangan qo na po ''

Deelan MJ profile image

Deelan MJ 10 months ago


If you're gonna work in the Philippines, having a TIN is a must. Your company (or future company, if you're currently unemployed) will use this number whenever they subtract your taxes from your salary. It is our obligation as Filipino citizens to pay taxes, because this is where the government will get funds to implement their respective projects.

Angelica 10 months ago

Ano po bang ang tin # at anu pubah ginagawa o kahalagahan nito sa tao.?

mary joyce mandap 11 months ago

good day po..

tanong ko lang po nag online po kc ako ng pag kuha ng tin # ko.. san ko po makukuha ung tin 3 ko.. salamat po

GERRY 11 months ago

HI PO, ask lang po kc may dati na po akong tin number gusto ko lang po sana ma retrieve kung pwede po,.,.,my name is GERONIMO CAHINOD CRUZ III taga 43 ibayo mlay san mateo rizal ,.,.,birthday is february 18,1980,.,.,thanks,.,.,

Paolo 11 months ago

Hi. Paano ko po malalaman yong TIN Number ko? Yong employer ko po kasi naglakad noon tapos umalis na po ako sa kanila. Saan po ako pwedeng mag verify ng tin number ko? Pasagot nalang po sa mga maybalam diyan. At salamat.

jhay 11 months ago

ndi ko po mabuksan ung official website nyo bkt gnun click ko nmn ayaw pa din

Justin Alien P. Cansino 11 months ago

Hi , I just want to know my TIN number is? Please let me know. Thanks

jason 12 months ago

how to register? i cant find the application form for tin number, please help me po, i need tin number early

joven lanna 12 months ago

I just filled up a form just now using internet online.I don't know if my application submitted responds at all

LINA CARANZA 12 months ago


gelo 12 months ago

anu po ilalagay pag walang middle name?

alfredo 12 months ago

What is happening to me? I am a first timer in getting TIN, I didn't yet filed my application for getting my TIN at the Bureau of Internal Revenue Office/Website but when i applied through online it always says that "the name that i am trying to register have a similar record in the BIR database which may have been previously registered with the BIR ". But how come? It's magic? Or i have the same name in common together with the address? What should i do now please anybody help me?

ramcolin 13 months ago

Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key

this what apear every time i try to open bir website

THAZE 13 months ago

if you need to verify your tin no. just call (02) 98188881 to verify.. tried it before.. if your employed before, ask your employer your tin no. if they're the one who applied it for you

JONA 13 months ago

How many hours po ba bago magsent ang BIR sa email? wla pa kasi reply until now

jon Torres 13 months ago

Pano po kumuha ng tin??

georgie 13 months ago

Para po sa gustong kumuha bg tin number online.. gamitin nio po ung e explorer kasi dun po sya ngwowork wag po sa chrome. Tapos dapt po working na email address then mkakakuha na kayo ng tin kasi ilang mins lang naprocess na .para naman makakuha kayo ng tin card nio punta lang kayo sa rdo office nio. Ganun lang po. So lahat po ng mga questions nio about tin.punta lang po kayo sa bir ..rdo office para dun sa may mga dati pang tin pa or di na maalala ung tin number.ask nyo lang sila.

judy ann de castro 13 months ago

good day po .. paano po ba kumuha ng tin no. ?

salamat po

panu kumoha tin number po? 13 months ago

panu po kumoha ng tin number?

lucky 13 months ago

pano po mkakuha ng tin

michael patawaran 13 months ago

hello po tnung ko lng po paano mkakakuha ng tin no.

janryll lopez 13 months ago

i forgot my tin number how get it already

efren alindogan 13 months ago

how can get my tin online?

Yuriko 13 months ago

I already encounter the same problem. Here's what you can do to visit the page: To view the said link, you may paste the link using Internet Explorer. The link won't work if you're using Google Chrome. Have a great day! ^_^

Lynn 14 months ago

I have tried so many time to open the link, however it failed always. Anybody here encounter such problem? Will appreciate your advise!

grace 14 months ago

how can i verify my 1905 and 2305 accepted/updated by the Deped? And how can i get on copy of forms that i can bring it into bir office to be able signed them my 2305?

Your Name 14 months ago

Ehat are the payments that are involved in one geting ia TIN no.?

sam 14 months ago

Pano po malalaman kung may existing TIN number ka.

Fresh grad po ako pero nkita ko sa ALUMNI ID ko na may nkalagay na Tin.

janeth 14 months ago

how shoul i get my tin number through online?

Jayson 14 months ago

Saan po pwedeng makuha tin number if meron na?

alex 14 months ago

bakit po walang dumadating na email mula sa bir,,pano po malalaman kung successful ang registration at kung may tin number na o wala pa?

John 15 months ago


Glenn 15 months ago

saan na tapos na akong mag regester online

kailan makukuha tin number ko??????????????????

Alvin kim 15 months ago

Hi mam/sir. How can i recover or verify my old tin number? because i forgot it. Please help me .

jay 15 months ago

how to have a tin?

Regina 15 months ago

Gamitin nyo po yung internet explorer gagana po yung link

Aiz 15 months ago

same problem...

GMA 15 months ago


Paano ma process tong online registration? After mo ma fill up, papapuntahin ka nmn sa BIR? eh sabi sa BIR online registration na. Sana konting ayos sa website. I nned to get my TIN # asap!!!

TONY FINO 15 months ago

Here's what appears on my screen every time i click the eReg.. Useless!!!!

Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key


Nelia 15 months ago

i forgot my TIN number how to verify

manuel 15 months ago

HI mga ser/mam kailan po ba magiging stable yung website nyo? Kailangan po ba laging down or may problema ang website?

crystalyn santos 15 months ago

Hi i already have tin but i forgot can you plsss help me to get my tin nom tnx

MARIBELLE 15 months ago


jha 16 months ago

I already have my TIN number, how can I get TIN ID?

Sharm 16 months ago

Use the Internet Explorer

kingwebsteresplago@y.c 16 months ago

sa makati bigay agad ng TIN number !! Try nyu !!

marry 16 months ago

Hi there, I want to know ," what kind of taxpayer is the freelance writer?"

Self-employed Individuals such as Single Proprietors and Professionals

Mixed Income Earners

Individuals or Employees earning purely compensation income

Taxpayers under No. 98


The BIR registration online still not working..

Is there another way to get a tin number?

I would really appreciate your response..

Thank you.

Zane 16 months ago

Hi. i tried to google to find solution in getting a tin number..

And I found this blog...

What should I do if the registration online is error,, I'm sorry but it's really futile..

I need to have a tin number...

barbie 16 months ago

The BIR registration online doesn't work, how can i get my tin number?

The staff at the BIR office here in Batangas CIty is not approachable..

They are not willing to explain.

Mary 16 months ago

hi, i was hired as freelance writer.. and they told me to send my tin number, but i don't have. I went to BIR office but I was just given a form and told me that I should give that to my employer and the employer will do the registration for my tin number...

But i believe i should be the one to register to get my tin number,. so i tried to register online but it doesn't work,,

What can you suggest ?

angelo 16 months ago

Getting a TIN for employed individual is the duty of assigned HR particularly HR Recruitment for employment analysis job and/or Hr Benefits.

april 17 months ago

how can i get a tin # eh error nman website..

Anne 17 months ago

Nagbigay pa po kyo ng site ayw nmn po gumana. Pano po kami na hndi makakapunta sa mga offices.

Christian 17 months ago

How can i registered in BIR ?

Christian 17 months ago

bakit hindi nag oopen ang website online registration ng BIR kasi ayaw ng manager namin pirmahan yung papel namin kumuha daw kami ng online ih nag eerror naman sa server.

joy 18 months ago

paano kumuha ng TIN #? anyone can help?

alfred 18 months ago

pano po kumuha ng tin

carlo malba opulencia 18 months ago

pano po b mkuha ang tin# gm8 ang online for tin# kailangan na po kc....

zarah fontanilla 18 months ago

hello ask ko lang poh yung may trabaho lang poh ba ang pwede mkakuha ng TIN id card

Kyle Almero 18 months ago


Call BIR Customer Service [02-981-8888], then press 1 for TIN Verification.

The Customer Service Representative will then ask some personal questions for verification.

After verification, they will immediately provide your T.I.N.

Ciao! :)

Willy 18 months ago

Good afternoon, I already fill out the online application but i failed the jcaptcha test, and how will I know my tin #.need help please...thanks,

ruben t. yulo 18 months ago

I forgot my tin num ber can I got it thru online please, thanks

Marites Pauig 18 months ago

how can i get my Tin # ? pls help me po salamat.

Mary Joy Conquilla 18 months ago

I recently got my TIN thru the website. And it was unde 1901. I believe that I clicked something that's why it got that way and I should be part of the 1902. What should I do about this?

John 19 months ago

how long will it take to get a TIN# through online .. i've been working for almost 5 months in the company and until now i don't have a TIN# yet.

belle 19 months ago

sir/madam kukuha po ako nang tin number..para dun sa lupa..katibayan na tunay kami magkapatid.ano po ung application na ggmitin ko..

kaye 19 months ago

its not working!! i tried it how many times but it really doesn't work, please do make a way to fix this

alfonso manuel nabor diaz 19 months ago

I forgot my tin number. Can I get it thru online?

bryan laderas 19 months ago

I already get my tin number since 2008,but i already forget my tin number,how do i know my tin number?pls help me..thank you very much.

jose nelson v. angeles 19 months ago

I forgot my tin no. Can get it thru online?

vin 19 months ago

pano po kunin existing TIN number? please help. TIA!

jefferson 19 months ago

Sir first time ko po kukuwa ng tin# kailangan ko po kc sa students permit..okey lang po ba yun kc kailangan po sa s.p..salamat

AVANCE PILIPI 19 months ago


julie martinez 19 months ago

Hi i already applied for my tin last year but i dont have the chance to return to b.i.r office due to my busy schedule at work .and i didnt have the chance to get my tin id no. Should i apply again ? Pls reply .

princess carmen c. de la cruz 20 months ago

i already get my tin number but i already forget what is my tin no.?can you please help me to know my tin no.?thanks

saldimar 20 months ago

hi,i already got my tin.i was supposed to fill up form 1902..what should i do?how do i know my tin number?

jommel cabasal 20 months ago

how to get a tin number if im done to register in bir ereg?

cecil 20 months ago

is there any way of getting my tin number via online. I forgot my tin number....thanks

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