How to Join Free Online Programs and Start Saving Money Today.

I'm recently single and learning to be a frugal spender like I was when I was younger. I have been trying to find ways to save money on things like clothing, food, and entertainment. Sure, you can clip coupons and yes that does work but who has time for that. I prefer more cut and dry methods, my life is too hectic as it is. So in the past 7 months I have experimented with various methods of saving money and I will share with you my top suggestions. The best money saving method I have found is to sign up at online discount sites such as seize the deal, living social, bargain bee and groupon. In the past 7 months I have easily saved over $1000 on restaurant deals (my kids love these), furniture deals, clothing deals and entertainment deals just to name a few. I even gave some of the restaurant deals as Christmas gifts this past year, talk about save me some money. Most of the deals work like this, you pay say $25 and in return you get a voucher worth $50, most deals you get double what you pay. The participating merchants assume that if you visit their stores and like what you see (or taste) you will be a repeat customer, if your smart (like me :) you could eat out once or twice a month using this method and save $50 to $100 on just restaurants. Hope you find some great deals like I have, don't know how long these programs will last, but in todays economy I guess they are looking for any business they can get. Good Luck!


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