How to Make Fast Money in Stocks


Making fast money in stocks is both exciting and profitable.  The tips and pointers you will learn should help you make some fast money in stocks.

Making Fast Money in Stocks

Making fast money in stocks is not easy however with some good tips and experienced guidance it can be done.  Buy stocks that drop at least 10% or more in a day, some bad news probably came out like a missed earnings quarter, lawsuit or some other negative fact.  While everyone is selling you want to buy but wait until a few hours after the bad news has hit the public.  This will give everyone that plans on selling time to dump their shares so when you buy them the shares will be at their low for the day.  The next day should see very little down movement, less than 5%, if its over 10% sell.  If it goes higher by more than 10% that week sell half, keep half.  Take the cashed out money and buy another stock like above.  Rinse and repeat, some of the stocks will soar like a rocket within a few weeks to months after the negative news is over so you can profit nicely.


Making fast money in stocks requires a formula.  If you follow a winning formula like the one you just read and continue to practice it you will get better and make much more money.


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