How to Make Money Right Now Even If You Are Unemployed

Most people seem to believe that the only way to earn a living is by getting a job. And while that is generally correct, it’s not something that can be relied upon, especially in today’s shaky global financial environment. But if you have a computer and some time then it’s quite simple to earn money today online.

Notice I said simple (which it is), but if you are just starting out it isn’t easy because there is a huge learning curve especially if you don’t like writing.

Let’s start right here with HubPages. This site will share with you the advertising revenue that it produces. You get 60% and HubPages get’s 40%. Of course if you owned your own website you could get 100% of the advertising revenue sure, but then you’d have to know how to get traffic and build a website.

So starting with something like HubPages is simple because all you need to do is write an article just like this one, or any of the other articles I’ve written here that all (well most of them) earn me money.

I’m not going to kid you that you’ll make a fortune right away here though, but you can easily make a few hundred per month if you continue to write and learn about what hubs are making money and continue to capitalise on them.

When you start to get more proficient you can move on to the other monetisation models that HubPages has such as Amazon and eBay. That way you can make even more money.

And if you are unemployed you have more time to crank out those hubs.

But what if you don’t like writing?

Fortunately there are hundreds of different opportunities on the internet that you can try that will bring in some cash.

You could sell items on eBay, create graphics for sales pages, produce videos, become a virtual assistant, and fill in surveys. There are literally hundreds of different opportunities online where you could make money right now.

Although I still say that writing will give you the most bang for your buck because the internet is mainly written material and people go online looking for answers to their problems and if you’ve written a good article solving that problem you can make a lot of money.

So there you go - a quick overview about how to make money while unemployed. All it takes is a little work and effort on your part by writing and you too could make money right now.

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iamvijay profile image

iamvijay 3 years ago from Chennai, India

awesome explanation and i have doubt i have been here to hub page to make money for a while as i am a student from India i have to make money out of here that my goal. This article helped me a lot and to gain confidence to.

As a newbie i don't when to apply google adsense can you guide me in the right path to make money?

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

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