How to Make Money the Introvert Way


How to Make Money the Introvert Way

Many money making tips may seem to be geared specifically for people who are extroverted, such as selling, marketing, cold calling, and anything that involves being in the public eye. However, people who are introverted have a lot of talents and their own unique ability to build wealth. Introvert strengths include studying a subject in depth, focusing, and astute observation skills. These eight money making tips can also help introverts use their natural personality to create more financial prosperity.

1. Study Money

Spend time thinking about money and about the life you want to afford. Head to the library or bookstore and check out the financial section. A few popular reading recommendations are "Rich Dad Poor Dad", by Robert Kiyosaki, "Your Money or Your Life", by Joe Dominguez, and "Think and Grow Rich", by Napoleon Hill. Read and take notes on how others have built wealth, even if the author is an extrovert. Money can be an emotional subject, but try to look at your finances objectively. Become familiar with financial terms. The internet is great for looking up definitions like asset, liability, stock, bond, mutual fund, compound interest, and such. The more educated you are about money, the better you can understand it and learn how to multiply it.


2. Develop a Financial Plan

While studying money, you will learn about how money can multiply itself through compound interest. A firm financial plan will help you learn how to use compound interest, savings, and earnings power to make more money. It's a good plan that creates wealth, not a quick scheme. So, the time you spend creating a detailed financial plan is well worth it. Take out your bank statements and divide the payments into categories. Keep expenses low, pay down liabilities such as your credit cards and car loans, and increase your assets. How can you keep expenses low and pay down your liabilities? Answer this question with a financial plan.

3. Focus on Getting Out of Debt

Introverts have the natural ability to focus on one subject, almost to the point of excluding other distractions in their surroundings. Use this personality strength to work on paying off debt. Introverts do not have as much energy for social activities as extroverts, so you don't want to expend your energy earning extra money to pay off credit cards. Your personal energy should go towards the things you love. Include a solid debt repayment as part of your overall financial plan, and stick to it. One tip that helps to keep it in perspective is to think of debt in terms of your paycheck. If you save $300 in interest charges and you earn $300 a week, that's like giving yourself seven extra days.


4. Make Money with Introvert Hobbies

Introverts, naturally, have introvert-based hobbies. Popular choices are writing, playing music, reading, drawing, and spending alone time on the Internet. An introvert who loves books could turn their passion into money making by starting a money-making book blog, selling books online, receiving fees to review books, editing, or proofreading books. Think of what you prefer to do in your spare time, and brainstorm two or three money-making ideas. Then choose the one that best fits your personality, develop a plan, and begin.

5. Conserve Money

Introverts are naturally 'wired' to conserve energy, rather than expend it in highly active environments. So, it would be a natural fit for an introvert to conserve money as well and simplify your expenses. Instead of buying books, check them out at the library. Keeping a price book and shopping sales are two common methods for saving money. Find smart alternatives to the big expenses. This is part of studying money - finding new ways to keep expenses low.

6. Roll Savings and Raises into Assets

It's foolish to save $50 on your grocery bill, then eat a $50 restaurant dinner. When you do save $50 on your grocery bill, then transfer that amount to a savings account or pay off debt. Use the same tactic when you receive raises, financial gifts, bonuses, earnings from garage sales, and any other extra money. It is deposited into the asset savings account, which then is used to buy assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. That $50 saved at the grocery store will create more money: interest payments and dividends. The excitement of watching your money grow is better than enjoying a $50 dinner any day!

7. Never Believe or Follow 'Get Rich Quick' Ideas

Gaining financial freedom is a long-term process, which must be cultivated with a strong plan and good habits like keeping expenses low and buying assets. Study money, focus on your plan, and be self-disciplined enough to say no to 'get rich quick' ideas. Introverts are entirely capable of making as much money as they want. Both Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are extremely wealthy introverts.

8. Give Back

Set up three accounts for savings, assets, and donations. Start with a small amount of $25 and donate it. You can send a check or visit an online charity. As you make your money, steadily increase your regular donation amounts.

These eight tips can help you stay on the right financial track and help build wealth for yourself with a strong and steady plan. Keep reading and studying money to learn how to multiply it.

Introverts are well-suited to earn as much as you want. Use your natural Introvert strengths and make money!

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Neil A Ellis profile image

Neil A Ellis 4 years ago

I like tip #8, Give Back. Too many people do not consider their charitable giving on a day to day basis. Instead they give during times of crisis. By making it a part of your financial plan you are actively making a difference in the world. Not only is it a great way to be a good citizen, but the charitable giving receipt can help offset taxes.

duffsmom profile image

duffsmom 4 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

Great tips janaplanet. I enjoyed this very much.

Availiasvision profile image

Availiasvision 4 years ago from California

An article written for my kind of people. Thanks!

JenPaxton profile image

JenPaxton 4 years ago from Missouri

As an introvert myself, thanks! That was informative.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 4 years ago from Nashville Tn.

Giving back is a nice way of saying "thank you". This is #8 on your list. This hub is fantastic! I also agree with #3 "getting out of debt." Voting up, useful, interesting and awesome!

Hyphenbird profile image

Hyphenbird 4 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

Excellent tips. I am glad to see you recommend people donate and help others. I think that is very important and is indeed Bible based. Thanks for the ideas.

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi Neil A Ellis, I agree. Personal finances tend to focus on savings, spending and investing, but giving is also very important, as it not only helps offset taxes but brings good karma. Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate it.

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Thank you Duffsmom. Not every plan to save or make money works out, at times, because I think it is very important to first understand how money works, but there are ways. Your article 'Saving Money Come On Now You Can Do It' has some very interesting helpful tips! Highly recommend everyone to read that article. Thank you for stopping by, much appreciated.:)

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi Availiasvision, Introverts are not shy by definition, they simply become drained by social encounters and need time-out to think about things. They too can make money and take charge (there are some many successful introverts). There are methods that work. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciace it. :)

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi JenPaxton, you are most welcome:) Although extraverts and introverts have some behavioral differences, Introverts do have other strengths that extroverts may not have (when it come to building wealth). Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated:)

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi vocalcoach, Thanks. People who decides to build wealth usually make certain decisions and set certain rules for themselves - none of which are hard nor complicated, one of them being 'giving back'. Introverts actually make the best leaders. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it:)

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Thank you so much Hyphenbird. What we give to others, we give to ourselves. That can be applied even to our financial plan. Not only are we helping others when we give back (which is truly a wonderful thing on its own), but we can help offset taxes. Donations to charity are tax deductible expenses. :)

thost profile image

thost 4 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

Good sound advice, a well balance article. Thank you for the information. Will vote up.

afriqnet profile image

afriqnet 4 years ago from Nairobi Kenya

Hi JangaPlanet,

Its long since I booked marked a great hub, I have bookmarked your hub since its totally awesome. I have discovered something new here. Thanks

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi thost, you are most welcome. Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate it.

Thanks afriqnet, Managing or making money is not easy sometimes. There is always something new to learn, when it comes to our finances. It's very important to set up a plan, whether it be for extroverts and introverts alike. Thanks again for stopping by, I appreciate it. :)

Bedbugabscond profile image

Bedbugabscond 4 years ago from United States

I love this! I am an introvert and I have been frustrated by the lack of information for me! I really like number six, rolling extra money in to assets. What a great idea!

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi Bedbugabscond, thanks! Introverts and extroverts alike can benefit from rolling extra money into assets. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it :)

EuroNinila profile image

EuroNinila 4 years ago from NYC BABY

Great tips, I'm definitely going to check out the books you suggested. Thanks for sharing:) Voted up and useful.

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi EuroNinila, thank you. They're interesting books. Especially, 'Your Money or Your Life", by Joe Dominguez.. Helpful information on how to build wealth. Some of those Authors might be extroverts, but what they provide will definitely help anyone. Thanks for commenting, and the vote, I appreciate it. :)

profile image

JThomp42 4 years ago

Great tips!! I really like that you mentioned donating to charity. Great!!

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi JThomp42, thanks! I do believe donating, or any type of charity is an important step! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, I appreciate it.

Dancing Water profile image

Dancing Water 4 years ago

A very thoughtful, well written, helpful and useful hub! Your writing communicates that you are coming from a very good place. Thank you!

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Well thank you so much Dancing Water, that was very kind of you to say! Glad you enjoyed the hub! :)

Nomascus concolor profile image

Nomascus concolor 4 years ago from A Country called Earth

Good interesting hub as usual! I like the way you think out of the box... Thanks for sharing. Take care Jangaplanet

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

You are most welcome Nomascus concolor, and thanks for your kind comment! I was always curious to understand what money is to an introvert? and if introverts are better at finance? And I say this because one of my best friends if an introvert! And a highly successful one too! Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated.

Volitans profile image

Volitans 4 years ago from Seattle

Interesting Hub and some solid advice all around. I've started doing some of these things, I guess it's time to stop being so lazy and do the rest of them!

It was nice to read an approach to wealth-building that doesn't rely on networking and selling yourself.

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi Volitans, Thanks. Making money, but most importantly saving it can pose a challenge for many of us, as it can often seem that it has a way of slipping through our fingers. The amount that we make really just depends on our choices, we just need to follow some simple guide lines that will help us along the way. Thank you so much for stopping by, I appreciate it. :)

whittwrites profile image

whittwrites 4 years ago from the Philly area

A great Hub with some good sound advice.

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

You are most welcome naimishika, Glad to hear it, thanks for stopping by, much appreciated.

Hi whittwrites, thank you, introverts have lots of strengths, and their own unique ability to build wealth!

starstream profile image

starstream 4 years ago from Northern California

This is an informative article giving us some good ways to save. My question to you is this: Are there any good savings accounts anymore giving compound interest that amounts to much?

daisydayz profile image

daisydayz 4 years ago from Cardiff

I have started putting any extra monies earnt online into a separtate account to start saving for a down payment on a house, i usually just added it to my regular account but realised we weren't managing to save anything extra each month as we don't earn a lot. But if i just put this little extra into another account I wasn't touching it (I pretended it didn't exist! lol) and it is slowely starting to grow (even if it is only a tiny amount at the moment) it is extra money that isn't factored into my general income so I can't really miss it!

Victoria Lynn profile image

Victoria Lynn 4 years ago from Arkansas, USA

so neat that you've focused on introverts! I love that. You are right on about their strengths. Being an introvert, I can relate. Great job! Voted up among others!

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi starstream, Thanks. Are there any good savings account anymore giving compound interest? I am not sure I understand your question, as I am not familiar with how it works in California. One should just look around to find the best bank rates and see what they have to offer. Compound interest is a wonderful thing, and the longer your money has to grow, the more it will grow. But you must start saving very early to achieve the best results (compound interest). Here in Canada we have interest-bearing savings account, bonds, mutual funds or stocks accounts. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. :)

Vegas Elias profile image

Vegas Elias 4 years ago from Mumbai

Great hub. The part about introvert hobbies is especially interesting to me because I fall under the category of introverts. People and introverts themselves feel that they do not have much of a role in modern society. This hub clarifies the idea to a great extent.

GoGreenTips profile image

GoGreenTips 4 years ago from Indianapolis

Great ideas. As an introvert it is nice to see a hub specifically written for my personality in mind. I especially like the part about not wasting energy on making money with social activities. Hope hubpages pays off!

stoichen profile image

stoichen 4 years ago from Scotland

Its very good to read something aimed specifically towards introverts and I found your list of tips very useful. I think the job market in particular can be very difficult for those who are introverted. Employers seem to place a very high emphasis on stereotypically extrovert skills and I have encountered a lot of introverted people who either struggle with their jobs or struggle to find jobs because they can't figure out how their skills can bring strength to an organisation.

cabmgmnt profile image

cabmgmnt 4 years ago from Northfield, MA

N ice tips here. It is important to pay yourself first by adding money in to your savings regularly. Your tips are big help.

afriqnet profile image

afriqnet 4 years ago from Nairobi Kenya


I am always amused when I read your articles about Money. I am very encouraged thanks for the Good work : )

TajmaHill profile image

TajmaHill 4 years ago from Schwenksville, PA

Very helpful tips. I appreciate the clarity that you provided that introverts are not necessarily shy, insecure and unable to function in the "outside" world, yet, many prefer a different type of social balance as opposed to their extroverted counterparts. And yes, there are many successful introverts, some are even rich and famous through writing, etc. and just from finding their perfect niche!

marketingbloke profile image

marketingbloke 4 years ago

Some pretty good tips there, the big one is focusing on not getting into debt.

Denmarkguy profile image

Denmarkguy 4 years ago from Port Townsend

Some good ideas here! Being debt free is about the best "interest rate" you can pay yourself, as NOT having to pay 18% interest on some credit card is a much better return than most investments these days. These days I make my living almost entirely from my hobbies... which are mostly solitary pursuits... so that definitely can be done.

T4an profile image

T4an 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

Great advice, I especially loved number six. I have been doing that for a few months now. Started with a garage sale. I am saving to pay for my husband's tuition. Voted up!

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

daisydayz, wonderful idea! I think saving money, even the smallest amount feels good, and keeps us motivated. Thank you so much for stopping by and adding this useful information to the hub, much appreciated :)

Hi Victoria Lynn, Thanks! There are many many successful introverts out there! There are also many ingredients that go into success, and many entrepreneurs who are introverts have their own challenges to deal with. But following a set of rules does help! Thank you so much for stopping by, and everything else. I appreciate it. :)

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi Vegas Elias, Thank you. Introverts have a big role in society actually! Introverts simply prefer to work with people individually rather than in large groups, but are very successful, and many are millionaires! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.:)

GoGreenTips thank you! Introverts and extraverts might be a little different. But success belongs to both types! They just have a different approach to achieving it. Basically the main difference between both types is the source of their energy! Thanks again for stopping by, much appreciated. :)

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi stoichen, Some of the world's most richest people are introverts, such as warren buffett and bill gates. Okay they're millionaires, but even so. I agree that some employers tend to place a high emphasis on stereotypically intrvovert skills. However, they need to understand that there are no right or wrong ways of functioning but simply differences. Introverts have strong listening abilities and have a lot of learning skills and habits which make them brilliant. Thank you so much for stopping by, much appreciated. :)

Thanks cabmgmnt. I agree! Paying yourself first is an interesting concept which, at first can seem a little odd to get use to, but it does pave the way for wealth accumulation! Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated. :)

Ingenira profile image

Ingenira 4 years ago

Well written. It is always good to plan before one spends. Tip#8 is a nice surprise.

Collisa profile image

Collisa 4 years ago from California

Great tips! They fit well for an introvert. Interestingly, I find that I'm doing many of these things. I especially enjoyed the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class.

Sunnysmiles profile image

Sunnysmiles 4 years ago

Very interesting hub and great tips.

tjdavis profile image

tjdavis 4 years ago from Moscow, Texas

Great hub Jangaplanet...I'm your typical introvert..I not only am a writer but also an artist so I do spend a lot of time Thanks for pointing that out :-) I do like all the tips.

embee77 profile image

embee77 4 years ago

Great ideas. I love the comments from all the Introverts. It's a support group waiting to happen, and you've tapped in with practical advice. Looks like you've done well! Thank you.

grand old lady profile image

grand old lady 4 years ago from Philippines

Ordinarily, I hate financial articles, but this was written so well and clearly that I could easily understand it and apply it to choices I make with money. Thank you for the advice on being frugal, and having savings for investments in bonds and stocks and the like, and leaving some for charity, too. I hope I can implement this and start my own money plan:)

supermom_in_ny profile image

supermom_in_ny 4 years ago from NY

Voted up and useful! Love that you added donating to charity. Planting seed always reaps a harvest. ;)

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Thanks afriqnet for your kind comment, much appreciated.

Hi TajmaHill, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. You are absolutely right. Introversion and shyness are not the same thing. Believe it or not an extravert can be equally shy but still interact with people. Example: You can be a very shy extrovert, like Barbra Streisand, who has a larger than life personality but with severe stage fright; or you can be a non shy introvert personality, like Bill Gates, who keeps to himself but is unfazed by the opinions of others. You can of course also be both shy and an introvert! Thanks again for stopping by, much appreciated.:)

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi marketingbloke, Thanks. The first step to getting out of debt is to set up a debt payment plan. If you set up a debt elimination plan. You need to save and put the extra money saved towards the debt. Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate it.

Thanks Denmarkguy, Being debt free is like being rich. Any money you make all belongs to you! Although there will always be obligations such as rent, utility, phone, grocery bills, or other recurring debt. I wish there was a way to eleminate that as well! Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated. :)

Hi T4an, I love garage sales! Saving is the best way, cutting a little here and there! Thank you so much for stoppping by, and for the vote, much appreciated. :)

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi Ingenira, thank you. #8 is the magic one. The fact that we are making a difference, even a tiny one, has a beneficial affect on society thus helping everyone in return, including our finances and everything else. Thanks again for stopping by, I appreciate it. :)

Hi Collisa, I looked up Dave Ramesey, interesting. Thanks for adding that! :)

Thanks Sunnysmiles, I appreciate it. :)

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

You are most welcome tjdavis, thanks.Writers and artists do spend lots of alone time. Alone with their dreams, their thoughts, but most importantly their creativity. Being an artist can often be a lonely business. :) Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind comment, much appreciated. :)

Thanks embee77, they are interesting comments, I agree! Support group, interesting! I never thought about that. :) Thank you so much for stopping by, much appreciated. :)

noenhulk profile image

noenhulk 4 years ago

I am glad I came across to know this hub. Useful and interesting hub. I rate you up.

Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

Jo_Goldsmith11 4 years ago

A really great article! Thank you for some ideas I haven't thought of yet!

This was really helpful and interesting too. I hope you will write about which places one may find litgitamate Angel investors. And how to do a bussiness plan! I have looked for both, and I keep hitting a brick wall. Shared this as well. Great info..thanks again! :)

Jenna Pope profile image

Jenna Pope 4 years ago from Southern California

This was very helpful. I'm a part-time introvert because sometimes humans are so difficult to deal with!

Voted up.

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

You are most welcome grand old lady. I am glad you found the article useful. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it :)

Hi supermom_in_ny, thanks. So true, what we give always comes back to us. Thanks for stopping by, and for the vote, much appreciated. :)

Thanks moussa83 :)

vasmenon profile image

vasmenon 4 years ago from India

Very well thought out Hub. G8 work!!!

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Glad you found this useful. Thank you for the comment, noenhulk! :)

You are most welcome Jo_Goldsmith11. Finding angel investors to provide startup capital for businesses or for an investment opportunity is sometimes a difficult task. There are many sources, but they also come in lots of flavors. Meaning: the best way to search is by proper criteria. You gave me a great idea! Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing, very much appreciated. :)

Thank you Jenna Pope! haha, very true! :) Though sometimes; difficult people are the key to self empowerment, we just need to learn how to cope with them. :)

Thanks vasmenon, glad to hear it. Much appreciated. :)

petertebin profile image

petertebin 4 years ago from Maryland

Great hub and love the part about the donations. Some people never think about doing this. I usually donate to a few causes each year while also attending bull roasts and other charity events for local causes such as the fire departments in town, little league teams and benefits. I also usually donate unused items and clothing each year to the good will and other causes that collect.

lezsaysit profile image

lezsaysit 4 years ago from New York, NY

I enjoyed your point of view.


Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

Jo_Goldsmith11 4 years ago

I wanted to stop in and agree with as well about donating or tithing. Which ever word works for the person. I personally call it donating to help make a difference. I have found that most companies are not transparent enough and the money I am donating is going somewhere it was not disclosed to me, and I would not have approved of.

I thank you petertebin! You gave me a hub idea! Watch for it! As you will be given credit for it too. :) Great hub..voted this up again! :)

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi petertebin, thank you! Donating is a great way to feel connected to your community. It's Also a great way to clear space in your home. The other interesting part is that you can then claim a donation tax credit.The amount donated towards any charity can serve as tax deductions. You can receive the tax benefits also when donating used clothing and household goods. Thank you so much for stopping by, I appreciate it.

You are most welcome lezsaysit. Thanks!

TheQuest4Success profile image

TheQuest4Success 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas

Thank you for this information :)

cydro profile image

cydro 4 years ago from Kentucky

I had to read the article because I found the title quite humorous. The article was good too, but the title made me laugh in a giggle out loud kind of way.

I voted up, and I'm sorry if I'm restating any of the earlier comments. I didn't go through all of them.

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Well thank you very much indeed Jo_Goldsmith11 for the kind comment and for voting it up once again:) Looking forward to reading the hub! I am happy petertebin added this wonderful comment about donating. I truly appreciate it. :)

You are most welcome TheQuest4Success, Thanks!

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi cydro, haha, I understand, don't worry about it. It is a little humorous. Although I always try to be careful in choosing my titles. Thanks for stopping by and the vote, I appreciate it.

BlissfulWriter profile image

BlissfulWriter 4 years ago

Do you think blogging is an activity that introverts enjoy? Or is it more social that extroverts would enjoy more?

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi BlissfulWriter, it is an interesting question! Of course blogging is an activity both introverts and extraverts enjoy. There source of energy may be different, but both types can do it. I also think some may not feel like opening up to the world at times. But that works both ways. I think an introvert can be shy, but then again there are also shy extroverts, believe it or not. Many actors are introverts, but not necessarily shy. Even though an introvert enjoys being alone, when they go online, they are always seeking out others and constantly have something to share. Blogging can form connections for introverts without draining themselves out, giving a chance by interacting on a limited basis. It’s about enjoying yourself. One should realize that there are (quiet) extraverts and (outspoken) introverts. Not sure why that is, but it is what it is. So blog away! :)

BlissfulWriter profile image

BlissfulWriter 4 years ago

Good answer.

Dancilla profile image

Dancilla 4 years ago from El Paso

You give some really good tips, I'm an introvert person too.

monicamelendez profile image

monicamelendez 4 years ago from Salt Lake City

I'm a big time introvert and I've found that it lends really well to making money on the internet. I use one of your tips a LOT. I spend a lot of time reading and researching and I share my ideas via blogs and hubs. It's worked out really really well for me! Thanks for sharing

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi Dancilla, thank you. Introverts have amazing strengths! :)

You are most welcome monicamelendez. I agree. What's interesting is that introverts are capable of going deep into there own heads, concentrate to an extent that's so intense and extremely productive! Great skills for making money online! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

Ebonny profile image

Ebonny 4 years ago from UK

It's great to read such a positive slant on being an introvert. We often put pressure on ourselves to be more extravert, as if being an introvert is just not good enough. Great ideas here.

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Thanks Ebonny! We usually have a tendency to reward extroverts, but introverts have a hidden strength all their own! Both personality types can be very successful, they just use a different source of energy to get thing done. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

EyesStraightAhead profile image

EyesStraightAhead 4 years ago from Connecticut, USA

Love these tips! I have a few already going but some of them, I hadn't thought of, so I learned a lot reading this. I like how easy to read it was and how it educated me pretty quickly and in plain language. Thank you!

prospectboy profile image

prospectboy 4 years ago from Texas

Excellent article. I love these tips a lot. People think that being outgoing and sociable is the only way to earn money. It's good to know that there are others in this world who see the strength in introverts, and how they can turn that personality into a good thing. Voted up and shared. Great job!

prairieprincess profile image

prairieprincess 4 years ago from Canada

Janga, I had thought I had already commented on this one, but perhaps I was feeling too "shy" that day! :) I am an introvert and this was very interesting to me. I enjoy saving money and not spending, and never associated that with introversion, but it makes sense. To confirm the theory, my husband is far more outgoing, and has loved to spend. He has toned down his spending since we got together.

I love what you said about making money from your quieter hobbies, too. It's not an easy path to follow, because it is not the well trodden path, but I do believe it is possible. Thank you for a wonderfully written, insightful hub. Great job and voted up and more. Shared.

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

You are most welcome EyesStraightAhead. I am glad to hear this hub was of help to you. Thank you so much for the kind comment, I appreciate it. :)

Hi prospectboy. I agree that most think being sociable is an important prerequisite to making money. But being an introvert doesn’t mean that one can't enjoy life or succeed in making money. There are so many rich, accomplished and successful introverts! But it just happens that being sociable is not where they get the most value from life. But successful they are!

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi prairieprincess, good one! lol. Introverts usually do a pretty decent job at saving money. Extroverts can take an example from introverts in that regard. It's true that outgoing people tend to spend more, this is why being an introvert gives you an advantage at saving it. Being an introvert is not a flaw like most would claim, but an opportunity. Introverts are naturally analytical. However, both personality types (extroverts & introverts) can accomplish same goals (in regards to money/ finances), they just tend to use different energy sources/methods to achieve it. Thank you so much for the kind comment, for the vote and for sharing, I appreciate it. :)

pringoooals profile image

pringoooals 4 years ago from Edinburgh

Really interesting article:) I think that introverts can be extremely talented but because of their nature nobody knows about it. And also because of being an introvert they might invest more time and attention in developping their hobbies than extroverts who spend a lot of time interacting with others. Thank you for sharing and voted up!

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

You are most welcome pringoooals, thank you! Both personality traits come accomplish the same results. They just use a different source of energy to achieve it. The instesting part though is that depending on the situation, we all sometimes display both extroverted and introverted character traits. Thanks for the vote and sharing, I appreciate it. :)

iguidenetwork profile image

iguidenetwork 4 years ago from Austin, TX

I'm an introverted person, and I don't like to do some marketing jobs or sales jobs, something like that. I'm glad I've come across this, it will be my important guide from now on. I'll vote this great hub "up" :)

healthylife2 profile image

healthylife2 4 years ago from Connecticut, USA

I think I'm both an extrovert and introvert so these tips definitely speak to the introvert in me. A plan is a good start and I agree that financial freedom doesn't happen overnight but is a good goal. With online opportunities everywhere there are many options. Voted up!

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Thanks healthylife2! I concur. I feel I have both elements, both sets of traits depending on mood and circumstance. We're all a little introvert and a little extrovert. I agree, there are many opportunites online. :)

Missy Mac profile image

Missy Mac 4 years ago from Illinois

Another great hub. I vary sometimes in this area (introvert versus extro) Lately, I have made some "me time" before I get active again. Informative article

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Thank you Missy Mac , I completely understand! Taking time out or finding some 'me time' can help recharge our creative batteries . Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. :)

shai77 profile image

shai77 4 years ago

This is a really great, original topic to tackle! Never thought about it that way before. You are very intelligent. Good job with this hub. Thanks so much for the info and food for though!

KenWu profile image

KenWu 4 years ago from Malaysia

This article looks simple, but it is definitely insightful. What we know might not what we understand and you describe it there. Voted up, useful, awesome, interesting and beautiful... can't vote for funny as it ain't funny at all :)

God bless,


R W Bobholz profile image

R W Bobholz 4 years ago from Durham, North Carolina

Thanks for the informative article. I'm an introvert who loves finances, so this is right up my alley. I only disagree with one part (and it is a very limited disagreement). Getting out of debt, for certain people, isn't necessarily the best way to spend their money. I have a 6% interest rate on student loans and some people have a 3% home mortgage. If you can earn an interest rate above your debt interest rate, then it's better to invest than to pay down the debt. There are other factors that come into play, but I think this ties into your objective look at your finances.

alphajuno profile image

alphajuno 4 years ago from League City, TX

There are a lot of great tips here. I wholeheartedly endorse the reading materials. Thanks (from an introvert)!

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi shai77, you are most welcome. Thank you so much for your kind comment! much appreciated. There is definitely room for introverts to make money, especially online!

Hi KenWu, thanks! I tried to explain it best I can. I am glad you liked the Hub! It's interesting how introverts quietly get their way by negotiating well, they are excellent listeners!

Collisa profile image

Collisa 4 years ago from California

Ha, that explains why I always get what I want! ;)

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

You are most welcome R W Bobholz. I am sort of both, introvert and extrovert! Depends of where I find myself and the situation! You are right, I guess we all have a different way of dealing with debt. I used the method you mentioned! Thank you for stopping by my friend, I appreciate it!

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi alphajuno, thank you :). I really appreciate it! It seems that there a plenty of introverts, here on Hubpages! :)

Haha, Collisa! It's good being an introvert! they are perfectly comfortable with their own thoughts. And even though they do lots of thinking, they can tackle any problems, solve any puzzles. What can I say?.. Introverts are internal processors and Extroverts external processors, they're both processing, just in different ways! thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it :)

Ruby H Rose profile image

Ruby H Rose 4 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

Oh yea, I really like this one too. More good saving money tips, thank you!

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

You are most welcome, Ruby H Rose. Thank you! :)

kansasyarn profile image

kansasyarn 4 years ago from Rural Midwest

Well written and sound advice! Thanks!

Music-and-Art-45 profile image

Music-and-Art-45 4 years ago from USA, Illinois

I'm an introvert and I like the advice you have given, especially number 4. Great article, it was very helpful.

lanablackmoor profile image

lanablackmoor 4 years ago from New England

Voted useful and interesting. As an introvert, I love seeing the introvert perspective applied to different areas of life. Finance certainly does seem to be controlled by the exraverts (what isn't?) but it's great to know that we bring strengths to the table that can be used to our advantage. Thanks for sharing!

gail641 profile image

gail641 4 years ago from Mason City

Great tips! It is a great idea to stay away from the get rich quick schemes and to watch out for scams that steal money, etc...from people. Studying about money makes really good sense--nice hub! Donating money sounds like a nice way of saying thanks.

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Thank you, kansasyarn much appreciated!:)

You are most welcome Music-and-Art-45. Hobbies

You are most welcome lanablackmoor :) Introverts are all over the place! Have accomplished so many important things! There are so many! Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg, Katherine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Sir Isaac Newton, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Warren Buffet to name just a few. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. :)

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Hi gail641, thanks! We tend to attract things in our life that we focus on.. And subconsciously.. donating money is a way of saying thank you! Also, when we make a donation, not only are we helping out, but can also receive a tax benefit from it. Thank you so much for stopping by, I appreciate it. :)

Shiley profile image

Shiley 4 years ago from Washington

Thank you for adressing the needs of the introvert. You are so right when you say that a most of the advice out there is geared towards outgoing people. I have read the some of the books that you suggested and they are great reccomendations.

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

You are most welcome Shiley. Thank you! Those are all great books! "Your Money or Your Life", by Joe Dominguez is my favorite ! :)

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. :)

curious dreamer profile image

curious dreamer 4 years ago from India

nice hub...

Jangaplanet profile image

Jangaplanet 4 years ago Author

Thanks, dreamer!

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