How to Make More Money From Your Site

How to Make More Money With Your Site

You can not manage what you do not know or measure. This is one of the great truths for the management of your online business. To make money with your website you should take this concept literally.

If you already have a website at this point you should be measuring all the available statistics on what is happening to it. Using this information you can eliminate what does not work and improve what is bringing results.

The internet is the sales channel where almost everything can be measured, the less the consumer is thinking. But how about this you can have a good idea.

Learn about the key aspects that you should pay attention on your site:

Number of Visitors

You should know the number of visitors is increasing or decreasing. In examining this trend you can take the decision to increase investment in marketing or seek new forms of disclosure.

Site Usage

Within this category of interesting information are the time spent on the site and the percentage of new visitors. If the User is having little time on your pages your content should be updated or improved to hold the interest of the user.

You must keep the proportion of new visitors always high because this is one of the most important factors for maintaining healthy business.

From the Users

Most statistics programs available on the market informed of what cities your visitors are coming. If for example more than 50% of traffic comes from two cities you can increase your advertising off-line in both local and regional sites looking to advertise.

Source of visitors

Depending on your marketing activities, your visitors may be coming directly from search engines, email, partner sites or other sources.

This is a crucial point because you should have a large number of visitors coming from free search engines. This type of traffic is known as organic and is a result of your optimization efforts.

The optimization strategy is used to position your site on the first page results of search engines.


The main purpose of a website is to generate sales and this is the most important statistic that should be analyzed. You should know which marketing activities are becoming more users into buyers.

For example, the amount of online advertising that can split between Google and other major Internet portal. But after analyzing the numbers of conversions you discover that 80% of sales are coming from Google. Then you should reallocate your funds in accordance with the result of sales.

If you're getting on the Internet before launching your website ensures that it has already included the code to measure the statistics. The free program and more popular to measure what is happening on your site is Google Analytics.

The simple analysis in the numbers of your website can turn a campaign that is losing money on a campaign that is profitable. Start now and you will see the income from your website grow over time.


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