How to Organize your Coupons

Organize Your Coupons

If you use coupons, you know that clipping them and taking them to the store can be a hassle all in its own. Have you ever gotten to the store only to find out the coupon you needed was not in your possession? Well in this article I will help simplify your life, by teaching you a few quick and easy steps on how to get your coupons organized and ready to go whenever you are.

First of all you will need to go shopping and buy yourself some baseball card organizers. Those run about five bucks. Next you will need a three ring binder, a bigger one if you plan on clipping and saving multiple coupons. I like to save multiple coupons on the same one that way I get twice the savings. However, some people don't so based on your needs that is how you chose your binder. Once you purchase these supplies your ready to start clipping and organizing your binder!

Next its time to organize them, you can print a really awesome category organizer at This is a really great way to quickly sort and find the coupons you need, when you need them. It does take a lot of ink and paper, so if you want to save money try going to a print shop or a local library to get it done for less than you would at home. Once you have those printed out you can insert them into page protectors and place them into your binder.

The final step is to organize all your cut coupons. This step is going to be alot easier now that you have the sections categorized in your binder. Once you have them all placed in there appropriate places your ready to go shopping! So the next time you walk out that door and think you might have forgotten a coupon you need, you don't have to worry you will have your coupon binder ready to with you even if its for last minute shopping!

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Fresh Approach profile image

Fresh Approach 5 years ago from Denver, Colorado

I've never thought about using a baseball card organizer before! Thanks for the idea. :)

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