How to Recycle Paper for Money: Recycling for cash

How to recycle old used paper for money

Want to rid yourself of old newspapers, magazines, books, cereal boxes (or other similar boxes), cardboard, etc? You could simply dump it off at your local paper recycling blue bin, or you can recycle it for money.


Collect, collect, collect

The more newspapers, boxes, etc, you can collect the more you will be rewarded by in terms of helping the planet and your wallet ! Ask neighbors, friends, and others if you can help them rid themselves of their excess newspapers, magazines, etc. They get rid of some waste and you can cash it in.

Paper carriers and holders:

Where to recycle?

There are tons of recycling stations recycling paper for money nowadays.

You can check :

  • Your phone book under recycling, you should be able to find some places advertising their recycling station.


  • There usual are different rates for recycling different types of paper. Check with the station you plan to recycle at and try to collect more of the valuable type of paper.
  • If you are planning to recycling paper as part of a paper drive fundraiser, try going door-to-door asking if they would like to get rid of some old papers.
  • Don't go overboard ! You do not want to be locked in your house with millions of papers blocking you.

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Betty Piersel 12 months ago

I have a paper route every week for which I have papers left, my question is , is there a place that will buy these papers I have left

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