How to Reduce or Eliminate your Phone Bill by Working Online

In brief, this hub suggests that it may be worth participating in the National Consumer Reports Panel not so much for the meager direct rewards, but for the discounted ATT phone service offered as a perk of membership.

This article is a subset of my Hub "A Realistic Approach to Earning Money Online".

Drop Your Landline

First, consider entirely dropping your land line phone. In many cases households are sufficiently covered by cell phone use, and land line use is only an old and unnecessary habit.

However, keep in mind that landlines may continue to work when cell phones become useless in situations such as power outage or cell tower overload.

Seeking Bill Reductions

One approach to reducing your bill is to look for substantial bill reductions offered by utility providers. When looking at these discounts you want them to have the following qualities.

1) If you are already using this provider ensure that the reduction applies to existing customers. Many deals are offered only to new customers.

2) Ensure the reduction is permanent, and not only for a limited period such as six or eight months.

3) Ensure that this provider's deal ultimately provides you with the cheapest option. It is possible in some cases that another provider, even with no special deal, offers a better price.

An Example of a Bill Reduction Earned Via Online Work

One example of a bill reduction deal is offered by AT&T (as a phone service provider) for members of National Consumer Panel (a consumer feedback panel). Any active user of NCP qualifies for a 25% reduction in their wireless bill. This reduction is permanent and available to both existing and new users. It is applied to the amount of the bill before fees and taxes.

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