How to Save Money In These Trying Times

The Best Deals On How To Save Money

      These are very trying times in our life.  This is probably one of the worst monetary crisis for every individual in America.  Times are much worse for everyone than ever before in our lifetimes.  This will also probably the worst time in our lifetime.  

    There are things people can do to lessen the pain of having less money. 

     One of those things are cell phone service.    To save a lot of money we could do without cell phones, but they are a part of life now.  They also provide for entertainment if you have free time such as social networks like facebook. 

     The least expensive phone service out there which is fairly reliable is Boost Mobile.  It is $50 a month for unlimited calling, texting and internet.   The problem is the reception is not that good, but for $50 a month including taxes that is a very cheap plan.

       Another way to save money is mass transit. This will help you save money, but it does take longer than driving yourself.   To make up for the time lost you can read along the way or write.   Make phone calls safer than when you are driving yourself.  Also in many states now it is against the law to talk on a cell phone or text while driving.

     If you take mass transit you will save in where and tear of your car, gas, and insurance.

      Another way to save money is to eat out less.   A lot of these ideas everyone knows about, but they have to live above their means.   This a big problem for many people.  I have told people just live beneath your means and you will save a lot of money.


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