How to Sell Thrift Store Items on eBay

Thrift Store Items for Ebay: Can It Really Work?

The old proverb "one man's trash is another man's treasure" got a lot right. People tend to underestimate the value that others find in objects they consider junk. Plenty of people are selling things that you might otherwise consider weird or unimportant on eBay. And you'd be surprised to know that they sell for quite a bit! Even better, though, is that these items aren't rare and hard to come by. On the contrary, you can find tons of unique and rare items that seem like junk, but that are worth the world to other people in dozens of places right in your neighborhood, you just have to know where to look. Where do you look? Thrift stores.

Thrift Stores In Your Area

Okay, so you know you can find some valuable stuff at thrift stores, but now how do you actually find thrift stores themselves? I happen to visit a lot of nice thrift stores in Georgia, where I live, and can tell you that it's VERY easy to find thrift stores in Georgia, and I'm betting it's just as simple where you live! Look out on your way to work for them and check out the yellow pages. Trust me, you'll find many affordable thrift shops, so many you'll probably put the amount of thrift stores in Georgia I visit to shame, especially if you live in really populated states, like California and New York.

Selling Thrift Store Items on Ebay

There's so many ways that you can find thrift stores, but when it comes to actually picking out what will sell, things get a little complicated. So, how do you find stuff really worth it? I'd start by looking for things that are kind of "niche". Old radios, coins (like the ones pictured in this article), abstract unprofessional artwork and a whole slew of jewelry. Any of this stuff that can be found in almost every thrift store across America (and in foreign nations) is worth a whole lot to some people.

So after you find stuff you think you'll be able to sell, how do you actually... Sell it? EBay has a very intuitive process for listing items for auction, but in addition you can eliminate a lot of grief by checking out the items online before hand. Using the Internet, look up the item, for example, a comic book, at online sites and see how much it's selling for. You may even find a few of the same item(s) on eBay already! From there you know how to price it to get sales, so you don't have to do anything more but start listing and making money.

You never know what you might find at your local thrift store or garage sale, but chances are, there are plenty of people that would not only like to know about it, but also like to buy it from you themselves!


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