How to Stockpile Coupons

In this economy, clipping coupons is now becoming a part of life more than a hobby. I once did it just for fun, "hey i saved 5 dollars, I wonder what else I can save on." But now as a single mother of two amazing children, I find myself clipping coupons more and more. I try to get the best deals on things and try to get free stuff. Its now a way of life for me. For many more people this is also becoming a way of life. Clipping coupons can be fun, sometimes it can get hectic as well. So here in this article I will help you De-clutter the mess of clipping and stockpiling coupons.

First this is first make sure you collect as many circulars as you feel you need, I usually collect 10. Every Sunday I go to the local gas station and purchase 10 papers. This can be costly but in the end the savings you get will be worth it. If you go to the same place to get the papers you might get a really nice employee who can even give you a discount! I get 10 papers for the price of 5! However, if you don't feel like purchasing that many papers there are still other ways to get the coupons.

I live in a small town that nobody knows exists, Las Vegas, and not Nevada. It is a small town and many of the circulars with amazing coupons don't even come to my town. So what to do? I live 2 hours away from a town that gets them and lucky for me my sister lives there too (a simple mom on hubpages). There are many recycling centers in bigger towns that recycle newspapers and all you have to do is locate one and ask if you can get some papers. They will be happy to help you. if you need to locate your local recycle center go here i this website is great for finding what you need.

The first time I went to the recycle center to get newspapers they were closed! As I was leaving I noticed some trash bins that said newspaper recycling. So I decided to try dumpster diving. I went to the trash bin and it was like a pot of gold for me. I was with my sister, so we teamed up and got some great coupons. The kids even wanted to help, they jumped right in and even found some really good books! It was a great day for finding coupons!

Once you have collected enough coupons that fit your needs its time to organize your coupons so they don't look all cluttered. If you have time you can start clipping right away and placing them in your binder, but, if you have a busy life that will have to wait. So find a table any table that is not being used and neatly place all the coupon circulars on the table and there you go. They are ready for you to clip when you are! Collecting coupons can be fun and time consuming but if you take my tips and use them you can cut the time you spend on clipping in half! So remember have fun and save!

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