How to earn some money this summer

With the recession, finding a job has been especially difficult for most people. Here are a few ideas on how to earn some money this summer, as we all know that supplemental income can help decrease some of your stress, at least when it comes to surviving or paying some bills.

1. Look for a job online. Sites like or are great places to search for jobs. Be careful and question the legitimacy of the opportunities that present themselves. If you feel uncomfortable about any opportunity, trust your gut and stay away. Do background searches whenever you can.

2. On the other hand, promote yourself online. Post an advertisement on a website such as offering your services. Your skills might be very much in demand!

3. Sell some of the stuff that is laying around in your house for some extra cash. Yard sales are a great way to get started. and are legitimate websites to sell your things too.

4. Self-employment is also a good option. Love dogs? Start a dog-grooming or a pet-sitting business. Love teaching? Tutor young children in the neighborhood. You may even combine your skills to market yourself to a wider audience. Perhaps you can offer to take care of a child, tutor them and walk the family's dog.

I hope these suggestion help. Happy job hunting!!

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