How to get rich quick (actually worked)

Don't be poor, stupid

So you're special. You are a rare breed of person who actually wants lots of money for little to no work. I have great news. I have discovered a method for making millions of dollars in literally 4-6 minutes. Would you like to hear how? Okay, I'm about to blow your frickin mind. I'm practically giving you loads of cash.

You are about to buy a mercedes-benz, and a waterfront villa, but before you do I have a question to ask you. How much are you willing to pay for my "secret?" Again this secret is worth millions, and I'm only offering it to you and a small (45,000,000) select group of "special" individuals like you. So let me ask you, how much should this secret cost? $1,000, $10,000, $1,000,000?? What if I said I'm willing to give you my secret (worth bazillions) for only one payment of $99...THAT'S RIGHT LESS THAN $100

You are gonna thank me everyday you wake up in your $50,000 bed with your hot spouse in a $10 million dollar mansion. I must be crazy, but I want you to be rich, happy and awesome. Really, I could sit and make billions for mysellf, but I want to SHARE. So help me share and send me $99.

Mail your $99 to

Genius Idea

1234 Fake St.

Nowheresville NO 90123

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tonks814 profile image

tonks814 6 years ago from United States

This is fantastic and made me laugh the whole time I was reading it! Wonderful satire, it's so true. The only person a get rich quick scheme works for is the one who is selling it. Voted up.

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