How to make extra income free

Follow this guide to make your goal amount of money for free

So the first thing to remember is to not get ahead of yourself. Take everything one step at a time.
Don't try to do everything all at once or you'll get yourself mixed up.

First start with a goal you want to make. I'm starting with $40 per day. Next make a list of different streams of income. Most people that say they're making $$$$ a month are getting it from different sources, not just one.

For example; Surveys-$10, Blogging-$5, Submitting articles-$15, Referrals-$5, that's already $35 per day.
Everything adds up together. Find 8 different streams of income and make $5 from each per day and you have your goal of $40. When you reach your goal, you can go from there.

It really helps to add yourself to as many free link and directories as you can. Also you want to join as many networking places as well. Join forums and engage with others. Those people you have networked with will look at your site and hopefully increase your income. Your goal is to get as much traffic as possible. Write articles about something you're knowledgeable about to keep your audience interested.

As for writing as many articles as you can, I would suggest at least posting 1 hub, 1 triond, 1 blog niche per day and it will start to add up. If you have the time, then I would suggest doing 5 per day till you hit 100. After you have your content, all there is left to do is get traffic by sending to free directories and posting on forums. Get yourself out there!

Hope this helps!

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Tom 7 years ago

This is great info for getting started. It's so important to put yourself out there. Most people give up too early. Great read!

jamesrivers 7 years ago

great hub!!!!!!!!!!!!!

charlie 7 years ago

good info for starting out. I will take this into consideration.

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