How to make money from Youtube videos

How I add Youtube video in my English course website
How I add Youtube video in my English course website

In my previous hub, I said that I make money by being a writer. Sometimes, I make money by using videos provided by Youtube. Is it possible? Yes it is. "How do you do that?" you might ask. Well, it's easy, just visit Youtube and find an interesting video there.

For example, I want to make a web page which contains some English listening exercises. I will go to the Youtube's website and search for such video. After I have found it, I will copy the embedded html code which Youtube provides and paste it into my website. Please, see my web page that contains such video at this address

You can see in the video how an English teacher named Maggie explains how to pronounce s and z. After a visitor has watched the video in my englishland website, he or she will do the gap fill exercise that is still related to the video which I add below it. As a matter of fact the exercise is only the repetition of the teacher's speech which I re-typed and modified into an English listening exercise. When the web page is ready, I only have to add some Adsense code to monetize it. So far, I have made 12 web pages that are embedded with Youtube videos and they are just fine until now. I hope that these English lessons can still be used by English learners around the world.

It is a legal way to make money on the internet with video content that you can get from Youtube. You can use your own video or make some commentaries about someone's video in Youtube that you embed in your blog or website.

Don't forget that the video which you embed into your webpage should be relevant with your article or hub. If it does not have any relation, you visitors might be disappointed and won't visit your blog or website anymore.

Well, I don't use this technique in my website frequently because I think that I must create my own content. The owner of the video in the Youtube will not be angry with you if you use his or her videos. If he does not like it he only has to adjust the setting in his Youtube account to hide the embedded code.

Don't be tempted to add videos that contain materials that violate Adsense TOS in your website. If you do that you will be banned from Google Adsense, the punishment which all of us do not expect to happen.

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