Recession proof online income

Make money online in a recession

You've found this article so you're obviously looking to make some extra money online. The method I'm going to outline to you is not a "get rich quick scheme". It is however an easy to duplicate way to make money from home on your PC which I know works. I generate a four to five figure dollar monthly income by working part time from home and have worked online for the last 12 years so I know from experience this method works.

Even better what I'm going to show you is most profitable during a recession.You don't need lots of technical experience or even time (my working hours are sporadic fitting in around looking after 5 children) but you do need to be capable of setting up a one page website.

So what is this all about?

During a recession certain products and services boom so for example people are more likely to grow their own fruit & veg to save money which is borne out by B&Q reporting a 27% rise in vegetable seed sales. People socialise in cheaper ways so sales of board games increase in recessionary times. Both offline and online dating sites also globally see a dramatic rise in profits during a credit crunch as confirmed by the articles below. By producing one page dating sites which you create and forget you can tap in to this lucrative market.

How to promote dating online

Obviously setting up your own dating site from scratch is financially beyond most people so I am going to recommend you sign up to promote dating sites as an affiliate with Singles Cash which pay out an average of $35 per upgrade. Singles Cash is a non-adult dating sponsor so deals with sites for those looking for love and romance.There are literally thousands of dating sponsors on the net and over the years I've tried the good, the bad and the ugly. This dating sponsor is my personal recommendation as I have been an affiliate with them for over 3 years. I know their niche dating sites convert and in the past 3 years I have been paid on time every time. Added to that their affiliate support is excellent.

This article will concentrate on non adult dating to avoid offending anyone and to ensure there are no links to inappropriate content on any of my hubs.

The main niche I promote online is bbw or big beautiful women so I will show you how to make a quick one page non adult bbw dating site using profiles from BBW Romance. You can see examples of a one page bbw dating site I've made using this method at BBW Dating Profiles & Chubby Lover. Neither of these sites are particularly sophisticated in design terms but don't worry they don't need to be as the object of this dating promotion method is to create and forget. Please don't think that because a site is quick to create it can't make money - some of my one page dating sites using this particular method have made me over $3000 with minimal traffic.

Lets get moving!!!

  1. Go to the site you will be promoting so in this example I am using BBW Romance & click on the "Browse Photos" tab. This will produce a box of members photos. Look through the photos and pick out the ones you think are the most appealing. Click on the ones you think are the best and save the member's profile pic and note down the member's profile info. If you don't find any images are suitable keep searching through members pictures by clicking "more photos" until you have about 12 saved images and profile details noted. This is the bit that will take the longest!
  2. Right you now have your site content so time to get building. As the object of this exercise is to create sites quickly I'd recommend you just use a text header with the name of your site as your title. You should then add some text relevant to your site's dating niche with some well chosen keywords included and create a couple of tables containing the profile pics and some of the member's profile info. You need to add your linking code to each of these images.
  3. If your one page wonder looks a bit empty add a few banners to bulk it out. I'd recommend adding banners to the dating sponsor you are promoting plus any other dating sponsors you promote in the same niche but feel free to experiment with Google adsense and other sponsors you promote to see what works best for you.
  4. To ensure a steady flow of traffic to your site create a banner promoting your site and add your site to toplists. Look for toplists most closely matching your sites niche to maximise your chance of a sale. You naturally want to look for toplists that send you more traffic than you send them. If you have existing websites or hubs relevant to your dating site remember to add a link back. There are also dating banner exchanges and dating directories you can add your site to for instant traffic.

That's it!! You've finished!! Now upload your site & wait for those sales.....

If you need any help getting started or require clarification on anything please feel free to contact me or leave a comment & I'll get back to you straight away! Good Luck.

2012 Sponsor Update

Just to let everyone know the sponsor I use in this article now only accepts affiliates by recommendation only. Should you be serious about generating a recession proof income please contact me so I can recommend you.

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Comments 11 comments

ashraf 6 years ago

Nice article on making money. The online data industry is very huge. So there are always some $$$ to pick up.

One more opportunity that is real is

plussizepixie profile image

plussizepixie 6 years ago Author

Thanks for your comment Tim. Toplists are basically what they say a list of sites ranked by incoming traffic. You add a link to the toplist to your own site and in return you receive traffic from the toplist to your own site - obviously the higher you rank in the list the more traffic you are likely to receive. If you are looking for toplists specific to bikers I would look in search engines for "Biker top sites", "Biker topsites", "Biker top list", "Biker toplist" as biker specific toplists will convert best for your site, although this isn't a niche I personally promote. Dating directories may also have a biker specific section you can add your site too. Hope this helps and good luck!

plussizepixie profile image

plussizepixie 6 years ago Author

No problem Tim if you need any other tips just ask

cris 6 years ago

nice article;are so many dating sites so the competition is huge!

plussizepixie profile image

plussizepixie 6 years ago Author

cris if you target niche markets the competition is not huge and that is the way to be most successful.

Phil 5 years ago

This was the information I needed for long time ago to get my vegetarian dating site a boost of traffic

I thank you very much for it

plussizepixie profile image

plussizepixie 4 years ago Author

Glad to have been of assistance Phil.

Redberry Sky profile image

Redberry Sky 4 years ago

Wow, plussizepixie, this is amazing info and really in-depth. I'm only just starting to look at branching out into creating my own websites, but you make setting up a dating website look easy and simple. Thanks for sharing this info, it's something I would never have thought of if I hadn't seen your Hub :)

plussizepixie profile image

plussizepixie 4 years ago Author

Thanks Redberry Sky - if you give it a go and need any help feel free to ask:)

cshawnsimmons 4 years ago

it was a great hub and i really enjoyed it, but singles cash is not taking any new applicants unless your invited

plussizepixie profile image

plussizepixie 4 years ago Author

When I spoke to the guys at Singlescash they said if I recommended someone they would be happy to consider whether that would be somebody they would like to invite to join the program. There are other sponsors I use that are still accepting people without an invitation so if that would be of interest let me know and I'll add them to the hub:)

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