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Domain Parking
Domain Parking

Make money by domain registration is not a dream!

Domain Parking is an easy way to make money, you are not necessary to invest anything while your website gains organic traffic from search engine. The only things you have to concerned is a Good Domain Name and how you going to monetize and maximize it.

If you have registered a domain name and not currently being used, then domain parking is certainly a great way to put up those domains to work while make you some revenue. You can make your earning everyday without even lifting a finger! The idle domain is used to show relevant advertisements that every time a visitor clicks on one of the advertisements being listed in your parked domain, you will earn money.

Get a domain name

You may realize at the introduction about that the Domain Name is the most important part of Domain Parking. The more your domain name related to the most searched keywords, the more likely you can make money with it in Parking Domains!

1. Keyword Research is the first thing you have to do if you are looking for make money in domain parking, unless you already have a domain that you didn't plan how to use it at all! To research on domain: there are 3 ways you can check for the information:

a) Google Keywords Tools:

b)Yahoo Buzz:

c) KeywordSpy:

For the Google, you can type in your target "Keyword" and generate a list of related keywords along with its "past search volume" "bidding price" "competitors level"; For the Yahoo Buzz, you can check for the search volume ~Hot topic searched keywords on each month and hence to resolve the best keywords you interested in. KeywordSpy is the most comprehensive tools that offer a completed resources and lists for both Yahoo / Google and other affiliate products searchable keywords that bidding in the network. With KeywordSpy you may easier to locate a profitable keywords for used in domain parking.

2. Checking for Domains: Once you found a keyword that you are into, its time to hunt for the domains name, use of Bust-a-name: - a easy tool for locate the available domains with your specified keyword(s), insert multiple of keywords inside the entries and the system will generate the possible combination results of "available domains" list.

Another useful tools for checking for dropping domains (for those used domains that did not extends the registration): is - a easy system that you can select the target domain's google page rank, yahoo inbound links, alexa ranking...etc There could be some tresure domains embedded in the pool where you can find it out with drophunt! by Registering a dropped domain, you claimed the orginal domain's remaining inbound link traffic, website listings, original direct visitors (that bookmarked the site) or some case derive the Google Page Rank too.

Register your Domain

Once you have the idea on what keywords you are interesting into and locate the domains you are going to purchase, now you can register the domain before anyone grab it!

Registering a domain is usually around $5~15 USD depends on different registrar or any bonus discount packaged with hosting companies. I have registered my domains through: MelbourneIT which is a great domains registrar being supportive and responsible, the offering price is cheap and reasonable in most time!

After you completed the purchase transaction on the domain, you are now able to access the domains control panel for setting the DNS address pointer to redirect your domains to a Parking Site for start making up some money!

As for - the biggest domain dealer of internet, sometimes they are offering special bonus promotional code that selling domains for less than a dollars. You may be able to found through different forums such as digitalpoint or warrior forum.

Godaddy Coupon Code

gdz1112n - Godaddy 30% off bonus code valid to 2011.01.09

NEWYEAR11 - $1.49 per domains (testified)

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Domain Parking

Looking for a good Domain Parking sites is tough and required certain experience as different networks works great on certain type of domains (as alter from their Advertiser)

Domains Parking generate money basically from the Advertiser Links bidded in the "parking network", so the larger the parking network which means they are tends to be collecting more advertisers and hence larger bank of advertisers inventory / revenue.

There are few great choice that i have been using:

- Google Adsense's domain parking - a easy domain parking system for page with high volume traffic. It tends to pull off the revenue if your domain sites do not reach certain amount of traffic per day. I have made $2 USD on the first day and $0.7 on following and 0 later on. Now i quit the Google Domains but i am certain there are still many successful cases with Google Adsense Domain

- - is a great parking services that pay decently per clicks but there is a minimum hurdles that required all registered member having 10 domains parking with their services.

- - namedrive is the one i am currently still going with, they paid particularly well in Europe Traffic while US clicks also paying in top tier level bids. Their report system is amazing that you can actually check for many information for SEO and tuning on your domains, you can also change your parking site layout and category to further pin-point to your visitors group.

Once you registered the parking site, follows their instruction to set your registered domain to point to their NS, then your Domain Parking is proceed and start to making money!

Final Tips

- Nic.AR / EU.ORG is offering Free Domains Registration

- The more domains you have, the more revenue you can generate, usually a fair keywords domain should be able to compensate the domain registration costs.

- Be wise to study for keywords for domains registration, understand that the major part of traffic for domain parking is from organic "direct typing of the URL", some mis-spelled URL such as / could be a good alternatives besides hot search keywords!

- Domains with real websites should generated more revenue than domain parking, regiter a domain and found a cheap domain hosting plan, start build up your own websites with your great ideas!

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Thank you for these useful resources. Specially the a2z WordFinder site is a good idea.

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Good info. Thanks, but you need to work on your English. That was painful reading!

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rhenop86 2 years ago from Cebu, Philipines

Very nice and useful information. I will also share this hub of mine.

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