How to take care of your silver bullion?

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Kookaburra Silver Coin
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Bullion coins are valued depending on the purity and the mass of the coin. Very little attention is given to the numismatic value of the coin when it comes to rare coin collectors. However, for the investors, the condition of the coin has no relevance. Nevertheless, spotless and shiny coins are naturally more appealing to the eye than the tarnished scratched coins. In order for your coins to find ready market or rather win the attention of the buyer easily; make sure that they are well maintained. Keep in mind that even freshly minted bullion coins might have small scratches from their production process.

Before we take a look at how to take care of your silver bullions, let us first enlighten ourselves on the reasons as to why silver bullions get tarnished. Hydrogen sulfide is present in the air naturally and is found as a component in other materials like rubber, paint and latex among many more. Hydrogen sulfide reacts with silver bullion to create a thin layer of tarnish. In the presence of high humidity, the bullion coins get tarnished more rapidly since high humidity accelerates the process of tarnishing. Fortunately, bullion coins are normally furnished by their respective manufacturing companies and hence, depending on the furnishing of the coin, the tarnishing process varies!

Now let’s take a look at how to take care of you silver bullion. You should, at all times, handle the coins carefully with clean cotton gloves to prevent the oils in your hands from staining the coins. Use of plastic tweezers is also encouraged when handling the coins. Incase you are examining the coins, lay them on a clean surface or on a piece of cloth to prevent them from coming into contact with contaminants.

In case you are handling tarnished coins, make an effort to reduce tarnish on the coins and prevent the others from getting tarnished, don’t store tarnished and untarnished coins, together. Place the untarnished coins separately and place untarnished ones in individual capsules and store them in a container with carbon or charcoal. This helps to prevent tarnish as carbon absorbs the hydrogen sulfide that causes tarnish. For large storage of silver bullions, use silica gel along with charcoal to prevent them from getting rusty. You should avoid storing silver coins in plastic bags. This is because they will rub against each other and cause abrasive marks on the surface. Moreover, PVC materials like plastic bags trap moisture and release acidic gases, which corrode the silver coins.

It is also necessary to store your silver bullions safe from theft. If you choose to keep it in our home then consider installing a safe in your house. The other option is storing your coin in a vault though protecting your silver bullions from theft and fire at your home is next to impossible.

In conclusion, there are quite a few reasons for buying and storing silver bullions. One of the great advantages is that it makes a great safe investment over time and that it provides you with a way to invest on something that is tangible and inherently very valuable.

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forlan 5 years ago

great, we should care it to keep the value. I believe the silver bullion will help us in recession time.

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SimpleGiftsofLove 5 years ago from Colorado

Good subject, great content.

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