I Used to be a Refunder

Hi, my name is Urma G. (gabby) Frend. I like to wear flashy clothes,and am fun loving. I love trying new things all the time,especially when they're free, and am willing to share my advice with all my friends.
Hi, my name is Urma G. (gabby) Frend. I like to wear flashy clothes,and am fun loving. I love trying new things all the time,especially when they're free, and am willing to share my advice with all my friends.

Now I'm also a Freebie Finder!

An idea struck me a couple of months ago while I was reflecting on past events and trying to figure out how I can make some extra money after my sister-in-law (whom we had been living with for the past several years) passed away. Her passing left a huge credit card debt, three mortgages, no will, and only a pittance of life insurance.

Living on a fixed income while trying to attain my Associates degree was difficult enough while she was alive, however, life has become much more difficult now that she is gone. Somehow, the old feeling of being "backed into a corner" is rearing its ugly head as the house goes into foreclosure, and the family squabbles over possessions.

However, I am optimistic and believe that, with the Lord's help and a little ingenuity, my husband and I can hang on a while longer, even if we are forced to pinch pennies in ways we have never thought of before, or have forgotten.

Then I remembered how hard it was to raise a family of four on a similar income, just a few years ago. How did I supplement our meager income back then? Then I realized that I had accomplished this feat by working part-time, refunding,and sending off for every available free sample of perfume, toy, or laundry soap I could find.

"But that was so long ago, things have changed, I can't wait weeks or months to recieve an offer in the mail," I thought. So I decided to give the internet a try. What a difference it has made! In the first month after I started this venture, I saved approximately $30 at the grocery store by using coupons, another $25 when I used my rewards card at Office Max, and am now recieving free product samples and coupons on a daily basis.

Now this may not sound like such a good bargain for some, however, one must realize that this is only the beginning, there are no start-up costs, it only takes a few moments to send for something, I have to buy groceries anyway, and with today's technology, offers often arrive in days instead of weeks.

That being said, there are a few suggestions that I would like to pass along to all my friends and fellow Freebie Hunters.

  1. Watch out for ads that promise to reward you with a free product if you subscribe to their offers or advertisements. You may end up paying more for your reward than it is worth.
  2. Supply and Demand. Many companies distribute a limited amount of free items, so be courteous to others by only ordering what you need or would really like to try (Absolutely Cool Freebie Finder, 2009). Hint: Many of these items can be used as unique gifts, especially for kids or maybe someone in a nursing home, again saving/making money.
  3. When using coupons, only buy products you normally use or would like to try. Don't purchase extra stuff just because you have a coupon because you won't save anything.
  4. Be wary of surveys and pay-per-click-for-cash deals. Many are honest, however, some are not, so go slowly and do your research.
  5. Do not give out your phone number unless you really want to recieve additional information because you may find yourself answering a lot of calls from telemarketers, etc.
  6. Do not reveal any personal information such as bank account, credit card, or social security numbers over the phone or through email/registration because many of these sites are scams.


If you like recieving something different and free, like to read mail, want to save/make a little extra cash, give unique gifts, or just want to have fun, Freebie Hunting is the way to go.

Urma says "So long and happy hunting, until next time".


AbsurdlyCool Freebie Finder (2010). Order only what you can use. Retrieved on March 10, 2010 from http://absurdlycool.com.

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Deerwhisperer 6 years ago from Bradenton, Florida Author

Did you like Urma? Would you like to receive some really cool free stuff? I have received some fabulous freebies so far, and would like to keep everyone updated as I receive more. If you would like to receive more information about other free product listings, or would like to register on a particular site, just send me a comment or question and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for your support,


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tim-tim 6 years ago from Normal, Illinois

Great points! Thanks for sharing:)

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Deerwhisperer 6 years ago from Bradenton, Florida Author

I will be posting more great offers in just a few days. At the moment I am attending online classes at University of Phoenix, and this is finals week. Be sure to look for more of my posts in just a few days. Who would have guessed that at my age (52), I would be working toward my Bachelor's degree, and writing for HubPages has been a tremendous experience!

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