Is Inexpensive Car Insurance Worth the Savings?

Finding inexpensive car insurance companies is easy, and you may only need the bare minimum to be legal to drive your car.  Is it worth the risk of getting into an accident and having to pay an extreme amount of money for repairs?  From my own experience, the cost is just about the same.  Paying for high quality auto insurance will cost you more each month, but save you more when you are in an accident.  Inexpensive car insurance is the opposite.  Usually, cheap car insurance stays cheap because you pay an incredibly high deductible to get your ride fixed after an accident.  And after a ticket or accident your monthly payment will skyrocket.

If you plan on sporadically using your car and are a safe driver, inexpensive car insurance can save you a ton of money.  When all you need is to be legal to drive, it's the perfect answer.  When you're driving every day it can get you into trouble, so we'll also take a look at some other ways to save money on your car insurance.  

If you are set on changing your policy, or starting a new one, there are many places around the web to get inexpensive car insurance quotes and get you on the road legally.

Image courtesy of via Flickr.
Image courtesy of via Flickr.

Find Inexpensive Car Insurance

Before jumping into the cheapest car insurance possible, be sure to learn what the minimum amount of insurance you are supposed to have in your state. After you learn that start shopping.

This may come as a surprise to you, but there aren't a lot of insurance companies. It takes an incredible amount of money to start and operate an insurance company. Most of the companies that you come across are brokers that will work to find the most inexpensive car insurance for you. You probably don't care how any of this operates, but after you spend some time with a certain broker you can be eligible to purchase insurance directly from the company at a rate that doesn't include the broker's fee. This will save you even more money.

Not all brokers carry the same weight with the insurance companies so it is certainly in your best interest to contact multiple. Check five or six different agencies before deciding on your policy. Using the internet to see what's available may seem like the obvious option to shop around, but there are tons of local brokers in your area (unless you live in the woods). These companies will also be able to provide a little bit of customer service with your cheap policy.

Keep It Cheap

If you are spending your time and money to keep your insurance cheap, make sure you keep it that way.  Follow the golden rule of driving: don't drive like an ass!  As soon as you get a ticket or get in an accident all of your hard work is lost.  If you can't afford high insurance premiums, you certainly aren't going to be able to afford the ridiculous deductible that you'll pay after an accident.

Other obvious rules that need to be stated to keep your premiums down: Don't keep any valuables in your ride to prevent theft, don't drive drunk, use a bluetooth, don't be an idiot.  I can help you get cheap insurance, but this is the only thing I can do to keep it cheap.

Other Ways To Make It Cheap

Have you ever thought about sharing a car with someone?  I don't drive very much, but it's extremely handy to have one close by when I need it.  I could save a ton of cash by sharing the car and its expenses with someone I trust.  This could effectively cut your insurance cost in half.

Ask your insurance company what other options are available.  Some companies will give you a huge discount on your car insurance if you also have homeowners or renters insurance with them.  There are student discounts, good grade discounts, and a slew of others that may be available to you.

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