Insurance Denials got you down?

If you have been denied an insurance claim after being injured or if your claim is denied and you are lumped with a bill which you should not have to pay, you still have some options with you. Insurance appeals are something we at Bose Mckinney and Evans will gladly attempt for you. Many insurance companies do their best to minimise the likelihood of a payout.

The appeals process may be the way to ensure that your insurance provides you with the cover that you have a right to expect. Appeals as they apply to insurance denial can be a way to establish precedents in the industry that protect others from going through the same as you may be going through.

It is too easy to give up the fight if your insurance claim is denied. It can be disheartening to find out your claim is denied but you should not give up. Your right to file appeals that will have your case heard in court can overturn the decision made you and your insurer and put the power back in your hands. If you are unable to work due to an injury it can have an effect on your family in the long term. You should not have to foot the bill if the injury is the direct result of your work and the insurance company refuses to pay in order to line their pockets. Keep in mind you do have a right to appeal their decision.

We work on NFP cases all the time. Your best bet is to approach us and let us see what we can do for you. If your insurance company is refusing to pay your disability or medical costs and you know that you are covered by the event that has put you in your situation – don’t let the insurance company leave you in the lurch. Appealing their decision can make a difference.

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