Introduction to E-Mail Marketing or Bulk Email

Introduction to E-Mail Marketing or Bulk Email

We are all bombarded with advertisements in our e-mail, this is the E-Mail Marketing in action and we are all targets.

If you have heard say that the money is in the list there is a good reason - that's because it is! Nobody clicks on banners, AdSense has become "invisible" and the visitors to our sites better and better distinguish the content from the advertising.

The solution is the E-Mail Marketing. Build lists of people interested in a particular subject and communicate with them directly by e-mail is by far the method of online marketing more profitable. Email marketing is alive and well, if you want to make money online your strategy must include this form of marketing, otherwise you may be wasting a lot of money.


When messages arrive from an unknown sender or from a list where you never signed up, this is SPAM, the dark side of the E-Mail Marketing.

I will not teach to send SPAM. It is unethical, illegal and can earn big money without going that way. What matters is learning to do E-Mail Marketing with permission.

To E-Mail Marketing is need to master various techniques:

Throughout several Hubs I will speak in detail of these 3 components of the E-Mail Marketing, but I can already raise the tip of the veil.


The AWeber has relatively simple solutions to address these 3 challenges.

I will explain in detail how to do this, but if you're really curious you can go have a sneak peek at the AWeber site and start exploring.

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