Invest in Autographs: The Low-Risk, High-Return Option

Neil Armstrong Autograph
Neil Armstrong Autograph | Source

I know we all like the idea of a quick buck or two…, or three, but sometimes good things have to wait and, most of the time, this includes money and income as well.

Investing has always been an exciting prospect, and a prospect that many people have made their millions from, even though they may have been very patient.

Now, investing doesn’t provide millions for everyone, but it can provide high returns and is best when there’s low risk involved, as in you didn’t spend that much money investing in the first place.

Most people, when thinking of investing, automatically think of investing in forestry, agriculture, Brazil, the stock market, energy or carbon emissions, but one, much cheaper form of investing, is investing in Autographs.

Ok, ok, more than likely this kind of investment will take a long time to set up, as it will take quite a while to get all those celeb autographs, well unless you live on Hollywood boulevard or live across the road from Hugh Hefner; And autographs generally only increase in monetary value over a long period of time and maximally when the celebrity or famous individual has sadly passed away.

When you think about it though, people who invest in, for example, forestry have to wait decades for any form or return, so a lot of the time waiting with investing is a general trend.


A likely Place to Sell your Autographs

We all know ebay, that site where all those lunatics with credit cards love to spend their money on things they’ve never even wanted or needed, you have to love impulse buying! Well, maybe those impulse buyers may be your target audience for a quick investment return.

I once heard a story, not sure if it’s true now, that a piece of Britney Spear’s chewing gum was sold on ebay for thousands, now that’s an investment. You’re celeb autographs may not be made of Britney Spear’s chewing gum, but they sure would last longer and would look a lot prettier.

Types of Autograph Investments

Investing in Autographs doesn’t just mean investing in pieces of signed paper, the best investments are autographed books, biographies, posters, movie covers, but especially, individually signed novel series. Once one collector has one signed novel, he or she will want them all and may pay anything for them.

Examples of Profits made by Investing in Autographs

Here’s an example of a $10 Transformers poster that has been singed by members of the Transformers movie. This poster’s value has nearly increased by 5000%, to almost $500.

Here’s an example of a $3.70 book who’s value increased by over 40,000%, $1,495, as it was signed by Stephen Hawking.

Here you can find details of a signed book by George Orwell, the book sells at $9.99, but this signed one sold for $26,500, a profit of over 265,000%.


Carry a pen and paper with you everywhere you go, always go to book signings, album signings and movie premiers with the corresponding movie posters or paraphernalia. Also bring a camera with you and try to take a picture of the autograph along with the celeb autographer as proof of authenticity.

Good luck!

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