Is Silver Bullion A Good Investment

I'm sure that you've heard all of the radio ads about investing in gold bullion. But what about silver, is silver bullion a good investment?

Just like gold and other precious metals silver has been used as a form of investment for thousands of years. It's only in modern times that we have turned to paper money instead of the traditional gold and silver.

But lately because of the economic down-turn more and more people are turning to investing in precious metals such as gold and silver. Many people are starting to believe that before long your money won't be worth the paper that it's printed on which is why they are turning to investing in precious metals.

is silver bullion a good investment
is silver bullion a good investment

Should You Invest In Silver

With the threat of inflation looming a lot of people are starting to think that now is the perfect time to invest in silver and other precious metals.

Silver tends to do well when stocks are down so if you think that the problems with the economy are going to continue then silver and other precious metals just may be the way to go.

During the 1970's when inflation was at an all time high gold prices went up 165% and silver went up 361%. Investing in precious metals is called speculating and you have to know when to get in and when to get out. So the answer to the question about is silver bullion a good investment really depends on how the economy does.

Types Of Silver To Invest In

Silver Coins
Because of their affordability silver coins have long been a favorite with collectors. As an investor you will find that there are two differnet types of coins available to collect. They are collectible silver coins and silver bullion coins.

Silver Rounds
Silver rounds which are shaped like a coin but have no status as legal tender are also a popular choice with collectors.

Silver Bars or Wafers
Silver bars or wafers can be found and purchased at banks and bullion dealers all over the world. Silver bars which can weigh anywhere from 1 oz. to 1000 oz. are of course the traditional method to collect silver.

Silver Certificates
One easy way to invest in silver without having to handle the silver yourself is to invest in silver certificates. Which means that although you own the silver it will be stored by someone else.

A few other ways that someone may invest in silver is by purchasing stock in a mining company. EFTS and silver accounts which can be purchased from many Swiss Banks and bought and sold like any other type of foreign currency.

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Deborah-Diane profile image

Deborah-Diane 5 years ago from Orange County, California

Having some precious metals as part of a portfolio always seems like a good idea!

Marie 5 years ago

Junk silver or pre-1965 quarters, dimes, or half dollars is a way to invest in silver. When silver rose to over $40 ounce, just four of my junk silver quarters was worth $28!!!

Wow! Sadly, I traded some of my junk silver to purchase gold eagle coins.

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