Job freedom threw committing to passive income

Choose freedom

Are you willing to pass your family's future to you boss?

We are living in a world where the work a day person gives the best most fruitful years of their life to their place of employment. Lets just say if you wore born yesterday would you leave it up to someone else to monitory raise you children? Would you take a back seat into a passive roll reacting to another mans wishes? Would you have the most objective way of looking at the such an issue? If you see these questions in front of you as a bitter pill and a more then real wake up call. Then take this time to commit to yourself that no other man, woman or organisation will set your family's sail. The odds are that you will open yourself and family up to untold confusion and worry.

My hope for you is that you know yourself and know this is something worth your time and commitment to overcome . Your ability to commit starts here and now with you writing a commitment to yourself a goal to set the course in anyway you can big or small. To show that I am with you on this course correction I have enclosed as a single man my own statement of commitment to passive income.

I believe that I am following the path that will get me to where I have always wanted to be so that I can be do and have what it is I want out of life.I have made a decision that it is time to shape my future with my own hands putting asides fear worry and doubt for feelings of abundance, freedom and joy. The Moment is here it is my thrill of life itself that has me set to embark on this great adventure. The adventure that is to be human and not just the follower that others strive to become in life.This application is being filled by one who is of true sound mind ,body and spirit. I endow these truths to be self evident, that we are not all created equal that some are endowed with a great opportunity a great choice to set themselves apart. It is me who steps to this adventure and states here and now that I am all in. I am becoming the man I intend to be with willpower courage and cunning. This is my outcome in this adventure, it is to become financially secure covering all my day to day basic living expenses of $1,200 a month passively coming in, Then and only then, once this foundation is built will I make the bold step to financial independence that will cover all I could need or want or desire at $5,000 to $10,000 a month in passive income. Once I have secured this level of income I will look to have freedom of mind body and spirit to live life on my own terms, never giving my life to another to do as they see fit.

This is my dream and desire that I have not shared with anyone because till now no one has ever asked me what I truly desire So I thank you for this opportunity and privilege to live out this adventure called my life!!!


Jaiman C Andersen


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