Joint Bank Account

To open a bank account, I need passport, and gas or electricity or water bills to prove my address. But I just arrived in UK, lived in a rented house shared with others, no way to get bills which bears my name and address on it.

I asked my company to give me a contract evidence, but they seemed reluctant or no one knew how to write a letter with company title.

So I opened my first joint bank account with my wife in HSBC. Because of her address and credit, it was easy to pass the credit check. But the bank asked me so many questions, which I have never experienced. Two years later, I tried to open another account with Halifax, but failed. This was extraordinary. In China, you can open as many account as you want as long as you have ID. And we have no idea of joint account.

Now I started to work and my wages paid direct to my joint bank account. I have never seen the real money of my wages. My wages come into the joint bank account today, will be transferred to a saving account somewhere else by my wife.

Women in Shanghai often control the purse strings

Never mind, as long as I have a debit card to withdraw cash from cash machine. But it is quite annoying that my wife sometimes asks me: "You smoke a lot this week?"

My wife from Shanghai, women in Shanghai often control the purse strings of their men. Whoever makes money in the family turns it over to house wife and she in turn saves it, giving her husband (who is usually the primary bread winner) and kid some pocket money.

I am from Zhejiang, but in my family, my mother has a good memory, and she remembers every single cash flow, although she is iliterate. She lends my father's salary to businessman for high interests. She asks my father to help account after she turns to middle age, sometimes she asks us to write down the date and amount when my father is not at hand.

Credit card in China

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