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Better Have filed Day!
Better Have filed Day!
Money, Money, Money
Money, Money, Money


There are people (volunteers) who help low income families file their taxes for free. They have been trained and are working for a non-profit agency. A couple of years ago the income limit was $50,000. It may be changed now.

You have to find who is offering the service, call the library or the county or go online. Look for signs posted near county buildings and ask around.

Take in all your information, social security cards for everyone you are claiming,deductions on and your previous years tax return they can file your taxes and process them online or by mail, your choice.  BTW:  If you pay half of a person's living expenses, even if they don't live with you, you can write them off.

They will not do taxes for businesses nor high earners.

I worked with one of these agencies in Tampa, FL, I believe it is now available in more areas/states.

The IRS also offers services for 1040's to be filled out online, at their website, IRS.com. It is a DIY site.

More people need to use these services and stop paying those people who take your money to get your money back from the government.

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very useful hub thanks

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