Las Vegas Real Estate Buying Tour – Prep Work

Doing Deals In Vegas

Lorena Gerlach here with the Real Estate Profit Coach gang. I’m about to start a one week road trip to Las Vegas. We’re going to purchase properties for our own portfolio and wholesale a few deals to pay for our trip. We will be joined by our 10 residential inner circle students who will be working with us on these deals. The second part of the trip will be the Path to Profits workshop. Four days of teaching from industry experts Bob Leonetti, Jayme Kahla and Roland Frasier.

We had a successful Las Vegas workshop in 2008. I put a process in place to continue the marketing efforts started during our workshop. I receive NOD/NOT listings from a Chicago Title. My assistant sends a yellow letter to these pre-foreclosure notices and fields all the phone calls. I receive a list from her daily with warm leads that have called from this marketing.

I had my assistant ramp up the marketing to approximately 400 letters for the two week period prior to my trip. This resulted in 24 warm leads to follow up on live and in person.

I became a believer in social media during our San Diego buying tour earlier this year. I have a Facebook page and I Twitter! Effective use of social media is an essential part of business. I have gotten leads from my online presence, and am working on closing some of these deals.

So, with my pre-marketing done, it’s time to hit the road! Next stop, Las Vegas!

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Pre-Marketing Examples

Yellow Letter
Yellow Letter

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