The Last Will and Testament of Michael Jackson | The Basis of a Huge Conspiracy Theory

Michael Jackson has died and apparently in testate. In other words, the King of Pop, we are being led to believe, has died without leaving a signed and witnessed last Will and Testament. Just how likely is that?

Should We Believe that Michael Jackson left no Will and Testament?

Didn’t MJ have any advisers? We all know he had hundreds and had access to some of the best Financial Advisers in the USA and the rest of the world too. Michael also had some real friends – just recall all those who stood by him throughout the media attempts to brand him a paedophile and ruin him completely. These people, many of them on the Hollywood ‘A’ List had too much to lose by having anything to do with a suspected child molester. Among them, interestingly, is Justin Timberlake who met MJ when he was a child himself. Would none of these advised Jackson to make a will? Wouldn’t Michael himself have realised that he needed a will to ensure the future well-being of his children?

So Where is Michael Jackson’s Last Will and Testament Now?

Any Conspiracy Theory, written in light of the stars rehearsal videos, produced in the course of preparation for the now abandoned MJ Come Back concert tour, will have to take into account that Jackson did not die of natural causes. The video evidence show a healthy man who was at a peak of physical fitness and extremely unlikely to be victim of a cardiac arrest. We know the star enjoyed a healthy diet too – for instance MJ always took the skin off his fried chicken.

It seems possible at least that the person/persons responsible for the death of MJ were also responsible for removing his last Will and Testament. Why would they do this? If greed is the root cause of MJ’s death those responsible would not have benefitted from the contents of the will. Now at least they have a chance. So who will benefit now from MJ’s death and him dying without a will? This question must be asked!

Who will benefit from Michael’s Estate?

Michael’s Estate will eventually become the property of his children when they reach adulthood. In the meantime the fortune will be put in the hands of a responsible adult or adults. Be prepared for some ugly post funeral wrangles as people position themselves as that responsible adult. Perhaps all will be revealed in the end as greedy people often give the game away and, if there is any chance that their conspiracy (if MJ’s death was a group action) is discovered, they’ll be hustling to cut a deal.

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Wilma Proops profile image

Wilma Proops 7 years ago from London, Liverpool, Paris, New York and Tenerife Author

I'd really like to discuss this!

Didn't MJ (or was it Latoya) accuse Jackson's dad of abuse? Why are the children with the grandmother and not the natural mother/s? Talking of which, MJ must have had a will to deal with issues relating to the mothers - mustn't he?

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

I hope his children will be the main beneficiaries. But don't count on it. The vultures are no doubt circling. Legal commentators say that years will be required to sort out the mess. It will be a wonder if anything is left after all the lawyers get their cut. Another "Bleak House" is likely.

corey hughes 7 years ago

A judge, who is not a coward should take full responsiblity for the welfare of Mr. Jacksons estate keeping the childrens interest in the forefront. The Jackson children not only should be provided for financially but the same people who savaged michael are lurking in the shadows to send these helpless children to early graves to get there hands on the money that this estate will generate . I am begging someone with authority to save the children from the animals that seek to destroy them.

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