Learn About Laptop Financing

If you have reasonably good credit, there are several options available for laptop financing. All the larger companies, including Apple, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard (HP), offer their own monthly payment plans.

You can buy a MacBook from Apple for monthly payments of around $23. No interest is charged if the total price is over $900 and if a specific credit card is used. Dell often has offers of no interest for six months on specific laptop models. These are worth pursuing since normally, your interest rate can be between 19.99% and 29.99% for regular laptop financing. HP has some interesting alternatives to high-rate financing plans with their leasing program, which includes no interest for 36 months.

Macbook laptops are financed by many people
Macbook laptops are financed by many people

Students receive separate special pricing offers or educational discounts through most companies, but the application, approval for a high interest rate credit card is usually required to set up monthly payments, and that is difficult, especially for students.

Computer shops, national electronic or department stores, and warehouse clubs will have their own financing plans, but one should carefully read any agreements. Make sure the interest rate, which may start out small, does not jump dramatically after a certain period. While the best financing plans will be presented to people with good credit, there are options for the average person with fair or bad credit.

If most payment plans are too much for a customer’s budget, leasing might be a better option. Companies such as HP, as mentioned above, have programs just for this. A few companies do nothing but arrange leases for computer products. Customers should examine this option carefully. They will probably end up paying less for a laptop if they lease. Another option is to use the services of a company that guarantees financing. Many advertise no down payments and low monthly payments, but the offer may be too good to be true, so proceed down this route with caution.

No matter what type of financing you qualify for when computer shopping, it will be important to do your research before turning over your hard earned money to an online store or retail shop. Laptop or computer financing usually involves applying for credit, which is accompanied by a formal, long-term purchase agreement with high rates of interest. You want to try to avoid paying as much for interest a month as your monthly payment and adding hundreds of dollars to the cost of your laptop.


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