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So, You're a Writer

Journaling is one of my favorite pastimes, but I reached a point where I thought putting my thoughts into words would be more useful online, instead of in a diary where only I will see it.

HubPages is the first article site I wrote for when I first started freelance work. The community at HubPages is wonderful, and I enjoy creating something that others will find useful. Anyone can write at HubPages which provides the more talented writers with an opportunity to help newbies develop their writing skills.

I slowly built a group of supporters here at HubPages and have befriended a few on Facebook. I have met one writer in person, Sweetsusieg. I also enjoy following Cindy Murdoch, Julie Deneen, and Linda on Facebook.


Promoting your stories and blogging

Don't put all your eggs into one basket.

This popular saying definitely applies when it comes to writing. As exciting as writing can be, you will not get rich off of it. I will honestly say that I was disappointed with the minimal earnings here. It took 10 months to receive my first payout (the threshold is $50). But, writing at HubPages helped improve my writing skills.

After a few months of writing, I was accepted into Google Adsense. I started blogging at Blogger, which gave me more freelance experience. Blogger generates earnings at Adsense, and you can sell goods through affiliate marketing. I also played around with Wordpress, which has a ton of great templates.

I link my stories at Redgage and create bookmarks at Xomba, which makes money at Adsense.

Also, I joined Webanswers, which also generates money at Adsense, and I have seen more regular earnings with this site than with blogging at Adsense. Webanswers is an easy way to generate a little cash. Once you sign up, you can answer questions on any topic you want. You must answer 50 questions before they will allow you to link your account to Adsense, but answering questions is much easier than article writing.

Through all of these activities, I still wasn't making much money. I was becoming discouraged and ready to just stop writing altogether.

Then, one day, I saw an article written by co-writer, Cindy Murdoch, but it wasn't from HubPages. I messaged her immediately to see where else she was writing at. I had been following her for awhile and was aware of her successes, so I trusted her.

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The Examiner Experience

After asking Cindy about the Examiner, she was more than glad to provide me with a referral link. She informed me that I would have to go through a screening process, because they do not accept all writers. Cindy told me it would take a couple weeks to get an answer. She did reveal that she was quite surprised at the amount of her first payout but wouldn't tell me anymore.

So, I clicked on the link and sent a sample article to the Examiner staff. They approved me, and after I wrote a couple articles, they approved me to be an 'Examiner' which gave me the ability to post my articles to their site without approval. Once I was approved, I was able to view my dashboard, which showed me my earnings and views. I was shocked! Granted, I won't be quitting my day job anytime soon, but my earnings were in the dollars, and within a week, I had already earned what it took ten months to earn here at HubPages.

At the Examiner, the writers choose a topic they want to write under, like domestic violence, finance, celebrity news, and many more. Writers can also be Examiners for a specific city and report news in real time. Also, the text editor is much easier to use, without having to add capsules. If you write news articles within the allotted time, writers can find their articles on Google News and other news reporting sites.

Not to mention, the referral program is a money-maker. If an writer refers a person to write for the Examiner, and they are accepted, the referring writer makes a $50 bonus. If the new writer produces a minimum of three articles a month for two consecutive months, the referring writer earns another $25 bonus, and so does the new writer.

If your English grammar is refined and you produce excellent content, I highly recommend that you apply to write for the Examiner. It is well worth it, and I am so grateful for the referral from Cindy.

So, if you want to make considerable more money, follow me to the Examiner. Discover the Examiner Perks that I have not mentioned in this article, because there are many more opportunities available besides just making more money. How about attending events to report local news? Oops, I slipped.

So, what are you waiting for?

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My current rankings

I was really surprised to see this leader board on my dashboard at the Examiner. I am already ranking #1 in two topic categories and #2 in a third one. The following pictures show you where I am sitting at the Examiner as of October 23, 2012. And all this in less than two weeks of being accepted.

Do you need more information to be convinced? Leave a question in the comment box, and I will be glad to answer them for you.

Leader board rankings


Earnings and Traffic from 10/15/12 to 10/23/12


Reviewing the Examiner

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Comments 22 comments

lindalou1963 profile image

lindalou1963 4 years ago from Texas

Thanks Jen... you've answered several questions for me! Great hub!

Kris Heeter profile image

Kris Heeter 4 years ago from Indiana

Thanks for sharing this information with us. I found it to be very helpful and will probably check out the Examiner.

diogenes profile image

diogenes 4 years ago from UK and Mexico

So glad you have found more outlets for your skills. I made a living as a writer for 20 years and just do HP as a hobby; I am really tired of computers and the whole game. But if I were younger I would use your excellent advice.


JenJen0703 profile image

JenJen0703 4 years ago from Cereal City U.S.A. Author

Thanks, Linda...there are plenty more questions I can answer, but I figure when people try to apply at the Examiner, they will discover all the perks for themselves. There are too many to list in one hub. How's your knee feeling today??

JenJen0703 profile image

JenJen0703 4 years ago from Cereal City U.S.A. Author

Thanks, Kris. If you choose to do so, please use my link in the story, then I will receive the referral bonus of $50. I have been off work for over a year for surgeries and a ruptured disc in my back, so money is tight, and I can use all I can get. Plan for a totally new writing experience.

JenJen0703 profile image

JenJen0703 4 years ago from Cereal City U.S.A. Author

Bob, what does age have to do with it? If you knew how much I have already made at the Examiner, off of 11 articles currently, you would be running to apply. Like I said, in less than 2 weeks, I have already made what took 10 months to make here. I will get a nice payout on next month. I also read in the Examiner forums about people who have gotten lucky with a certain article, one woman made $10,000 one month off hers. So, yeah, I will enjoy writing for them, too.

Thanks for reading my article and stopping by to say hello!! It's been awhile...

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 4 years ago from Shelton

thanks Jen for being thorough voted useful :)

JenJen0703 profile image

JenJen0703 4 years ago from Cereal City U.S.A. Author

Thank you very much Frank!! I was very surprised when I wrote my first article at the Examiner. The text editor is 10 times easier than the one here. You just type you article. There's three boxes to choose either a single picture, multiple pictures to make into a slideshow, and a video. You get extra bonuses (either a dollar or two per article, don't remember off the top of my head) for using videos from Grab Network and from creating slideshows. My slideshows bring in twice as much traffic. If you use videos from Grab Network, Grab will also pay you for the views on the videos you use.

Liz-reviews profile image

Liz-reviews 4 years ago from Vancouver, BC

Hi Jenn

Very interesting read with lots of great options. Even more fabulous that these options exist for someone like you who may be recovering but can continue to write from home and get paid. Thanks for the info.

Voted interesting & up

JenJen0703 profile image

JenJen0703 4 years ago from Cereal City U.S.A. Author

Thanks Liz-reviews for taking the time to read this and, yes, it was definitely worth my time.

justateacher profile image

justateacher 4 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

I'm going to have to check this out...not sure if my writing is what they want, but it wouldn't hurt to try, right?Voted up!

JenJen0703 profile image

JenJen0703 4 years ago from Cereal City U.S.A. Author

I think you will do fine. I've only had a couple college English classes, nothing special. I didn't take journalism or any other extra classes. Writing for them is like writing essays, a lot of 3rd person, less personal opinions. If you do apply, please use my referral link in the story, that way if you're accepted, we'll both receive bonuses if you're accepted. Thanks for checking out my hub!!

justateacher profile image

justateacher 4 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

I did apply and did use your reference! Hope I'm accepted!

JenJen0703 profile image

JenJen0703 4 years ago from Cereal City U.S.A. Author

Me too! You will really like it there. If you have questions, you can email me at jenjenmcleod49037@gmail.com. Good luck!!

Phyllis Doyle profile image

Phyllis Doyle 4 years ago from High desert of Nevada.

Great hub with lots of helpful information. Thanks, JenJen. I am an Examiner, but have not been active there in several months. I will have to get back into and see what it is like now. I know a lot of changes have been made. Thanks again.

JenJen0703 profile image

JenJen0703 4 years ago from Cereal City U.S.A. Author

You're welcome Phyllis. I will look for you on there and subscribe to you. Please do the same for me. Having subscribers will definitely help a little with traffic. I look forward to seeing you on the flip side. I don't know what happens with your account when you go inactive for that long, but hopefully they will allow you to fix it. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my hub!!

sgbrown profile image

sgbrown 4 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

I am very interested in writing for the Examiner. I had not heard of it before and find your hub very informative. I am going to check out the Examiner and will use your link if I decide to join. I really need to increase my earnings and this sounds like a good place to do that. Voting this up and more! :)

JenJen0703 profile image

JenJen0703 4 years ago from Cereal City U.S.A. Author

Thanks for stopping by to check out my hub, sgbrown. I am very excited that you may try to join. If you are accepted, look me up, and we can subscribe to each other. See ya on the flip side!!

Melovy profile image

Melovy 4 years ago from UK

Very interesting article. Glad to hear you are getting good money. Sadly, for me Examiner is not an option since you have to be from the US or Canada to write on that site.

JenJen0703 profile image

JenJen0703 4 years ago from Cereal City U.S.A. Author

Thanks for checking it out, Melovy. That's a real bummer about the Examiner. Maybe someday they will branch out into worldwide reporting.

MsDora profile image

MsDora 4 years ago from The Caribbean

Thanks. Practically helpful. Voted Up and Useful!

JenJen0703 profile image

JenJen0703 4 years ago from Cereal City U.S.A. Author

Thanks, MsDora! Hope to see you on the flip side :)

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