List of Revenue Sharing Social Bookmarking Sites

 Social Bookmarking sites have grown in popularity in the last few years and they have so many benefits from getting more traffic to your site to increasing your page rank.

Using the ones that share revenue with you is even better. Listed below are some of those sites with a bit of info about each.

She Told Me

This site that allows you to list your blogs which will receive visitors from Google and site users. You will get 100% revenue from ads listed on your article from Google Adsense. Your articles are called "scoops" and if they are good enough they will appear on the front page which will get you more exposure. You will also get a referral code straight away which will also help you earn extra revenue. If somebody joins and is accepted from your referral link you will also earn revenue fom the ads that appear on their listings as well. So really you can't lose.

Join "SheToldMe" today and start earning

Best Reviewer

A similar site to She Told Me. You will need your adsense ID and the name of one of your blogs to sign up. On this site you write "lists", like your Top Ten Blogs or your Top Ten Favourite Films. These lists are called "Tops". You will also earn 100% revenue from ads listed on your "Tops" plus revenue from your referrals. (You will get your code straight away). Very easy and simple to join. Although if you want to update or modify your tops you have to send an email.

Click Here To Join "Best Reviewer"

You Say Too

This site splits Google Adsense and Amazon revenue with you 50/50. You will also get 15% from the income of friends that you refer and who add a blog.To add a blog you must have the RSS feed. If you have your blogs with blogger you are supplied with HTML code for a backlink to your blog. All you have to do is go to the layout page of your blog and click on "Add Gadget", then select "HTML/Javascript". Paste the code there and voila you have created a backlink.You can also play free flash games, enter competitions and add images.

Unfortuantely pages from HUB PAGES cannot be added at this time

To join "You Say Too" Click Here


On this site you can promote your site, blog, products or services. Shared revenue from Google Adsense is 60% and 80% from Amazon.Your articles are called "GoBees" and with their easy-to-use tools you can create quizes, tests, tables, pictures and videos enabling you to create eye-catching articles. To create a link to your own site or blog all you have to do is enter the http code, title and a description click submit and you're done. The sky is the limit.

To Join - Click Here


On this site you can add your own blogs' URL or submit a completely new article. You will receive 80% from Google Adsense and 10% from referrals' Adsense. A very simple site, easy to join and submit URLs'. There are no extras, but that is what makes it good.

This site has 100% Adsense revenue sharing. To submit your own blog or site you have to click a button "+Submit A Story", you can then enter the URL, title, description and category, click submit and that's it. If you just want to write an article, click on the button "Add Blogs". You can also add recipes, videos and classifed adds. Very easy to follow.

To Join Page360 - Click Here


On this site you can write articles, video articles, How-To's or reviews, each of which has its own template. Content needs to be 400 words or more. You will receive 75% from Google Adsense revenue sharing and 2% from referrals Adsense. You can also add your Amazon ID but I am unsure what percentage they offer.

They also have a section called "Things To Do". If you are stuck on something to write about you can scroll through the long list of topics and pick which one you want and then simply write it. They also run a monthly contest which is awarded for a variety of reasons, it could be a person who has had the most articles published or top member refferer in the time frame stated.

To Join Infobarrel - Click Here

Please feel free to add any other sites that you may think are worth a mention.

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Tarin profile image

Tarin 6 years ago from San Diego

haven't heard of gobee. page360's adsense revenue sharing doesn't seem to be working, do you know more about it?

debed profile image

debed 6 years ago from Ireland Author

Tarin, did you post story (link to one of your own blogs) or did you just write an artcle on actual site?

Katarina 6 years ago

Out of the sites mentioned, I have an experience with Ongobee and shetoldme. Shetoldme works best for bookmarks and getting people to your webpages someplace else. Ongobee works well for Adsense revenue (when you publish articles-gobees) and do-follow linking (when you post bookmarks).

sabinapapry 2 years ago

Online networking and email promoting are compelling apparatuses in any advertiser's munititions stockpile. It permits immediate and significant association with a gathering of endorsers or fans that have made the first stride in communicating enthusiasm toward your brand. While online networking and email promoting both serve as brilliant stages to impart marked substance and oversee connections to purchasers it likewise gloats an alternate, frequently neglected feature - the force of companion referrals and distributed association and surveys. Since the two mediums demonstration as systems through which individuals unite with one another and in addition to organizations and brands - the solid obligations of trust and companionship between these clients and endorsers serve as an alternate potential sustain through which mark mindfulness and eventually deals might be developed and expanded.

Maxx 2 years ago

Free Dofollow Bookmarking Sites 2014 :-

Admin 2 years ago

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